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Big Zac

Big Zac

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I guess I’ve always been a gardener. It started when I was a little kid. The lady downstairs pinched my nose with a snapdragon and I was hooked 🙂

Catrina age 3

Catrina age 3

Grandpa had a garden that was really a huge mixed vegetable field. I was always a grazer, so I had small plots even when I lived in apartments. With each move the garden got bigger and bigger. I always had heirloom veges and was developing a strong interest in native plants.

Then in 2002 we moved to our new home in the beautiful north woods. I started to hang around with “The Petal Pushers” and I got hooked on daylilies, iris and hosta. When my hobby began to step out of bounds, I dreamed up Catrina’s garden. What a joy to bring beauty into the lives of others.

We aren’t a brick and mortar store, but I do sell produce and plants locally, during the garden season. Any plants that you see in my photos are potentially for sale. We no longer keep plants in pots, but make an appointment to visit the garden, and I will dig for you the plants that you are interested in or take an order. Catrina’s Garden LLC is a licensed grower in Wisconsin.

If you are planning a visit to Catrina’s Garden please call ahead and make sure we will be there. Local customers can pick up on-line purchases to avoid shipping charges. Or, you can purchase things with a check or exact change. We do not keep cash on the premises. Or, we accept charge cards using the PayPal gateway and our phone. You do not have to have a PayPal account to do this. We also accept Apple or Google Pay.

You’ll find:

Hosta – Orders always include at least two good eyes unless noted in the single product description. In many cases you will get more especially for small and miniature hosta.

Daylily –  Orders always include at least three good fans unless noted in the single product description. In many cases you will get more.

Iris – Orders always include two full sized rhizomes or one large forked rhizome. In many cases you will get more.

Perennials – In general these are gallon sized plants, but the size is described in the single product description if it differs for that plant.  In some cases we offer multiple first year plants for things that transplant better when young or have a tap root.

You will always get a bonus.  Bonuses are our choice and the number and size of them depends on the size of your order. We do love to hear what you like, color, type of plant, and even variety, however we cannot promise a bonus of a specific variety.

Welcome to Our Garden!

Please call ahead. We are not always here 🙂hands logo phone

The season is pretty short here in Northern Wisconsin but all of the seasons are beautiful. In the twenty plus years that we have lived here there has been frost as late as June 8th and as early as August 28th. Those are the extremes, but you never know.  We stop digging for the season at the end of September, but if you are interested in something after that date just ask, sometimes we have a few things in a pot at the end of the season or, it may be something that we could still dig if you live in a place where it is still okay to plant it. After September any plants that you receive will be dormant.

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