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Daylily Seedling Bad Bud White

Unregistered Seedling

Daylily seedling Bad Bud White

I got this plant long ago from an auction at the Green Bay Botanical Garden. I’m not sure if it was hybridized in a program at the garden or if it was hybridized by one of the “Bad Buds” (Bad=Bay Area Daylily). The seedling number that came with the plant is #0970.

She is 30 inches tall with 5 inch near white blooms. They lean towards a very light pink with a light yellow throat. Light ruffling completes them.


Daylily Seedling Pink Panther's Sister

Daylily Pink Panther’s Sister


Daylily Seedling Pink Panther’s Sister

This daylily is an unregistered seedling hybridized by a friend, MJT. It is 28 inches tall with 5 inch blooms. Naturally, the color is pink panther pink and there is a cranberry eye zone and matching picotee edge above a chartreuse throat. This lovely is an evergreen tetraploid with good branching. It is pod fertile. The plant is sturdy and holds up it’s heavy bud load well.

Parentage: (Korth 14-7 X Calling All Angels).  Korth 14-7 parents are (Cherry Valentine X Gertrude’s Melody)

Seedling # – 10 40-3



Daylily October Ruby

By L. Grant 2004

This is a seedling of Vesuvian. It is not a registered name.

A robust plant with large 6″ perfectly shaped red flowers with heavy substance. The plant is long blooming and also one of the latest blooming in my garden. Fat fans produce sturdy, well branched scapes that are about 24″ tall.

Bud set is heavy and they always open without problems even in cold weather.

This show stopper is fire engine red with a chartreuse throat. A winner! Wish I knew who the pollen parent was.



Daylily Little Rusty


15″ ht. flowers 2.5″ – zone 3
Rusty orange with a gold throat.  This one can vary on the same plant.  Some are solid orange and some are slightly bicolored with gold hews on the lower petals.
This little beauty came in a group of seedlings that were billed as “Sisters of Stella”. It is not a registered variety. This daylily was a selection from the breeding program for the famous Stella De Oro, which was not registered. This is a beautiful little mini that would be at home in any collection. It has many of the same attributes as its sister “Stella”. It is a non-stop bloomer, increases rapidly and is 100% reliable.
Early midseason, extended bloom, re-bloomer
dormant, diploid



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