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Daylily Seedling Taken for Granted

Unregistered seedling – Grant/Matel 2010

Taken for Granted was given to me to grow out as a seedling. Seedling number:  LGwest#13. It is a 5.5 inch flower atop a 28 inch plant. The sturdy scapes hold bunches of buds right above the foliage. A rose lavender flower is ruffled with a wine colored picotee edge and vibrant eye zone. The chartreuse throat is accented by white in between the eye and the throat and on the mid ribs. Bright white points also show up on the sepals when the flower fully opens. Semi-evergreen tetraploid.

Parentage: Cherry Valentine x Rock Solid


Daylily Seedling Linda’s Sunrise

Unregistered Seedling – By Grant/Matel 2011

This polychromatic beauty really does look just like the sky before the sun peaks through; peachy pink with gold highlights and a green throat.  The edge is more than ruffled, it has tiny golden teeth.  A dormant tetraploid she is 24 inches tall with a 5.75 inch bloom.  Heavy substance allows her to bloom well into the night where she practically glows in the dark.

Parentage:  Grant seedling #40B x Donna’s Prayer


Daylily Seedling Enchanted Angel

Unregistered Seedling – By Grant/Matel 2011

This 9 inch unusual form is mauve to purple with a lavender water mark, a large green throat and a fine cream colored picotee. A dormant tetraploid she is 36 inches tall but sturdy enough to stand up.  The petals can be twisted, curled, flaired straight out or extreamly recurved.  Seedling #: LG2011#4.

Parentage – Enchanted April x Truly Angelic


Daylily Seedling Gentleman’s Friend

By Matel 2013

This is an unregistered seedling of Decatur Gentleman.  The pollen parent is not known.  It is a 22 inch tall plant with a 5.5 inch flower, that is dark purple.  There is a light purple halo in the eyezone above a gold throat.  This is a mid-season blooming dormant, tetraploid.



Daylily Seedling Calico Winkie

Unregistered seedling by Krentz-Matel – 2009

These seeds were given to me by a friend to grow out.  Seedling #: LKeast#8.  This seedling is similar in size and shape to its pod parent Peggy Jeffcoat. At only 18 inches tall the 5 inch flowers sit just above the foliage. Although usually single occasionally it will display as a “loose double” with different flowers exhibiting slightly different forms, sometimes just a “tuft” in the center. The mauve flowers are lightly ruffled and have prominent white mid ribs and there is a wine eye zone and a yellow throat.  The sepals are streaked and mottled with yellow.  The petals can show some streaking as well   A midseason blooming dormant diploid.

Parentage:  Peggy Jeffcoat – light pink/yellow double x (Mardi gras Parade – lavender with a wine eye-zone x seedling)


Daylily Seedling Blueberry Strudel

By Krentz-Matel 2000

This is an unregistered seedling.  The plant is interesting as it doubles about half of the time.  The flowers are 5 inches and a rosey lavender with a mauve eye and yellow throat.  Sometimes the double flower is a full pom pom like it’s parent Big Kiss, sometime a loose fringe and sometimes just a tuft.  It’s pretty, with a lightly ruffled edge when not a double as well.  When single you really notice the cream mid rib but if you look closely you see it in other forms as well.  You will think you have different plants.  A dormant diploid, this plant is happy at the front of the border, with a height of 20 inches.

Parentage:  Big Kiss x Lowcountry Lady


Daylily Seedling Holly in Pink

Unregistered seedling – Matel

Holly in Pink was one of 3 seeds given to me by a friend. The flower  like it’s pod parent Holly Dancer is a spider and a great bloomer.  It is peachy pink with a darker fuchsia eye band and a large star shaped golden eye.  There are prominent golden mid ribs and large stamens that are the same color as the star.  She is about 36” tall and has 6.5 inch blooms. A dormant diploid with sturdy scapes.

Parentage:  Holly Dancer x Flutterbye




Daylily Seedling Round Orange

Unregistered seedling by Grant/Matel – 2010

Daylily Seedling LG West #2

This is a sturdy 30 inch tall plant with good branching; a dormant tetraploid.

The 5 inch flowers are perfectly round and ruffled with orange petals and golden orange sepals and mid ribs.

Parentage:  Spacecoast firestarter x unknown


Daylily Seedling Bad Bud White

Unregistered Seedling

Daylily seedling Bad Bud White

I got this plant long ago from an auction at the Green Bay Botanical Garden. I’m not sure if it was hybridized in a program at the garden or if it was hybridized by one of the “Bad Buds” (Bad=Bay Area Daylily). The seedling number that came with the plant is #0970.

She is 30 inches tall with 5 inch near white blooms. They lean towards a very light pink with a light yellow throat. Light ruffling completes them.


Daylily Seedling Pink Panther's Sister

Daylily Pink Panther’s Sister

Seedling – Tilton 2012

Daylily Seedling Pink Panther’s Sister

This daylily is an unregistered seedling hybridized by a friend, MJT. It is 28 inches tall with 5 inch blooms. Naturally, the color is pink panther pink and there is a cranberry eye zone and matching picotee edge above a chartreuse throat. This lovely is an evergreen tetraploid with good branching. It is pod fertile. The plant is sturdy and holds up it’s heavy bud load well.

Parentage: (Korth 14-7 X Calling All Angels).  Korth 14-7 parents are (Cherry Valentine X Gertrude’s Melody)

Seedling # – 10 40-3



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