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Balloon Flower – Dwarf White – Platycodon grandifloras

This cute little balloon flower is from a cross made in our own garden between Fairy Snow and standard tall white balloon flower.  It is not a stable cross and some seedlings revert to tall white or purple balloon flower. We only ship two or three year old plants for this one to insure that they are dwarfs. These plants are 1 to 2 feet tall and have the classic single balloon opening into a pure white star about 1.5 inches across. They are hardy to zone 3 but be careful not to dig them up by accident as they emerge very late in spring. They bloom in summer and require no special care. They tolerate some drought due to the tap root but will grow faster and flower more in a richer moister soil. Darling for the rock garden or front of the border and loved by pollinators.




Hosta Leather Sheen

By Zillis/Lohman – 1988

Isn’t hybridizing amazing? This is a cross between Sum and Substance and Venusta.  This small hosta can form patches but remains low growing. The pointy leaves are very dark green, one of the darkest of any hosta, and very shiny. They have a nice heavy substance, like leather, that resists snail damage. Lavender bells appear in July.


Hosta Junior Miss

By Klehm – 1999

This cute reverse sport of Sitting Pretty stays fairly small; about 15 inches wide and 8 inches tall. The lance shaped and slightly wavy, dark green leaves have a wide, creamy gold margin. It is a vigorous grower with lavender flowers.


Hosta Paradise Joyce

By Marco Fransen

Paradise Joyce is a medium sized sport of Halcyon and it is named for Mr. Fransen’s wife. It is blue with a yellow center which becomes more white as the season progresses. The leaves have a “powdery” finish. This hosta holds up well to frost due to it’s heavy substance. Lavender flowers appear in late summer.



Hosta Geisha

By Vaughn 1983

Geisha is also known as Ani Machi which is from Japan.  I think what happened is that it was a sport that was registered but didn’t turn out to be persistent; so it is the same plant.  It is an outstanding selection with yellow to chartreuse centers and dark green margins. This small plant, with glossy leaves, has a distinguished twist to its upright growth habit. The 15 inch flower scapes sport lavender flowers, but they are nicer than the average hosta flowers.  The stamens are long and graceful and they are streaked with white.



Daylily Ruby Stella

Unregistered Imposter

This miniature daylily was sold to me as Ruby Stella years ago at a auction.  A Google search told me that this name is often used for red miniatures when the identity is unknown.  In any case it looks and behaves much like Stella de Oro, except that it is Christmas Red.  It has the same size flowers, same early bloom, same rebloom, but I think it is a little taller.  It looks nice with Cherry Candy as the color is exactly the same as her eye.



Daylily Mardi Gras Parade

By Kroll 1992

This little beauty carries masses of lavender to pink blooms that have a wine colored eyezone and a green throat.  There are actually two bands in the eyezone; the outer band is a deep merlot and the inner one is more of a rose’.  The dormant, diploid plant has 3.5 inch flowers on 20 inch scapes and is an early/mid-season bloomer.  These measurements are smaller than what she is listed at but that is the size she is for us, putting her in the “front of the border” category.  She is pretty, with a lightly ruffled edge and recurved petals and sepals, giving her perfect form.

Parentage: (Siloam Bo Peep × Angel Artistry)


Daylily Huckleberry Candy

By Stamile 1998

Huckleberry Candy is much like the others in the Candy series.  It is a dormant tetraploid that is 20 inches tall, with a 4.25 inch flower, that blooms early to mid-season.  It is cream to light peach with a violet blue watermark that spreads into a fuchsia eyezone above a chartreuse throat.  Prominent cream colored mid ribs, a lightly ruffled edge and diamond dusting complete the picture.

Parentage: (Exotic Candy × Magnificent Rainbow)


Daylily Grape Magic

Daylily Grape Magic

By Ater – 1976

The name really describes it in this case.  This is a small grape colored daylily with a darker purple eye and a yellow throat.  It is 20 inches tall with a 4 inch flower.  It is a midseason to late bloomer that exhibits extended bloom and will rebloom. Classified as a dormant diploid.

Parentage:  Toy Time x Little Wart



Hosta Teaspoon

By Nyikos – 1998

A small hosta at 11 inches tall by 24 inches wide it has green roundish cup shaped leaves that are 2 by 3 inches. The leaves are corrugated with a fine serrated edge. Lavender flowers with a green tip appear in Late June. A good grower, so you can use it as a ground cover in front of larger hostas.

Parentage:  Birchwood Parky’s Gold x Golden Tiar



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