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Daylily Micro Chip

By Trimmer-J. – 2005

This cute double miniature is 19 inches (48 cm) tall and has a bloom that is 2.87 inches (7 cm).  It is a late season bloomer that will rebloom; an evergreen, diploid with 35 buds on 4 branches that doubles 95% of the time.  Coral pink with pale rouge eye above a yellow throat. I feel it looks kind of rusty orange sometimes. It won the Eugene S. Foster Award for outstanding late cultivars.

Parentage:  Penny Pinsley × Tropical Delight


Daylily Variegated Kwanzo

By Stout 1945

Variegated Kwanzo is unregistered, although it is historic as it was developed from a sport by the father of modern daylilies.  It is a 3 foot tall mid to late bloomer with a three inch, hose-in-hose, double orange/red flowers.  It’s main attractions is the variegated leaves (striped with white or cream).  The plant is also unusual as it is a triploid (this means it has three sets of chromosomes where most have two or four).  This makes it sterile but don’t worry, this plant has the ability to spread by runners.  I would not recommend keeping it in your regular daylily beds.  It is not as aggressive as the green form which has become a “ditch lily” in some places, but, do remove any plants that revert to green as they will spread faster.  The variegation is different with every scapes, some are even pure white.  Keep the ones that are interesting and get rid of the rest in a way that they won’t spread into the wild.  We don’t ship this one early in spring because we want to make sure that each fan that we send has nice variegation.


Daylily Seedling Blueberry Strudel

By Krentz-Matel 2000

This is an unregistered seedling.  The plant is interesting as it doubles about half of the time.  The flowers are 5 inches and a rosey lavender with a mauve eye and yellow throat.  Sometimes the double flower is a full pom pom like it’s parent Big Kiss, sometime a loose fringe and sometimes just a tuft.  It’s pretty, with a lightly ruffled edge when not a double as well.  When single you really notice the cream mid rib but if you look closely you see it in other forms as well.  You will think you have different plants.  A dormant diploid, this plant is happy at the front of the border, with a height of 20 inches.

Parentage:  Big Kiss x Lowcountry Lady


Daylily Double River Wye

By Kropf  – 1992

daylily-double-river-wye-21This is a light yellow double with a green throat that is 4 ½ inches. It is a dormant diploid which blooms mid-season and then re-blooms. I love this daylily for its loose form; it’s not tightly arranged like most double daylilies.  It looks almost like a yellow peony.



Daylily Condilla

By Grooms – 1977

daylily-condilla1This 4 1/2″ double bloom is a glowing gold color that really pops especially in part shade.  The 20″ tall plants are early-mid season re-bloomers. The petals have little ruffled edges and she has beautiful form, opening perfectly every time.  A dormant, diploid, she is a winner of the Award of Merit, the Lenington All American Award and the Ida Munson Award for Best Double.

Parentage: (Whirling Skirt × Chum)


Daylily Super Double Delight Seedling

By Matel 2010

Pod parent is Super Double Delight By McFarland 1978. Pollen parent is unknown.

Daylily Super Double Delight

Daylily Super Double Delight

30″ ht. 4″ flower
Golden yellow double
Fragrant, mid-season bloomer; semi evergreen, diploid

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Daylily Moses Fire

By Joiner – 1998

The reliably double flowers of “Moses Fire” are a burning deep orange/red with a faint golden picotee on the ruffled edge making them look like a mini camp fire. The petals are thickly packed and they are early bloomers that then re-bloom multiple times for a full season show. 5” pom-poms are held on sturdy 22” scapes.  This dormant tetraploid has a bud count of 20 on 3 way branching.


Daylily Jo Barbre

By Holman – 1974

Jo Barbre is a lemon yellow double daylily with a 5 ½ inch bloom on a 23 inch scape. It is a semi-evergreen diploid that blooms mid-season. It’s not really like any other double though. The center petals are very erect giving it an open airy look; almost like a double spider.  The lime green throat peaks out from the center between the petals. This is my favorite double and it stands up well to heat and drought.



Daylily Highland Lord

By Munson; 1983

Daylily Highland Lord

Daylily Highland Lord

Height is 2 feet with a 5 inch double red flower. Awarded ‘best double’ honors by the American Daylily Society. Wine-red blooms with lemon-yellow centers are tipped on the petal edges with wire-thin white borders.   It is a late/mid-season re-bloomer so it keeps going after the others are finished.  Semi-evergreen tetraploid.



Daylily Forty Second Street

By Kirchhoff – 1991

Daylily Forty Second Street

Daylily Forty Second Street

Forty Second Street is a 5” double that will not be mistaken for anything else in your garden. The peachy cream blooms are shaped a little different each time, but always wonderfully ruffled and the contrast with the large rose eye zone and gold throat is beautiful. The plant reaches about 24” and is a mid-season re-bloomer that usually re-blooms in the late season. Though it is an evergreen diploid it has done well in our Wisconsin gardens.


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