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Daylily Seedling Round Orange

Unregistered seedling by LG – 2010

Daylily Seedling LG West #2

This is a sturdy 30 inch tall plant with good branching; a dormant tetraploid.

The 5 inch flowers are perfectly round and ruffled with orange petals and golden orange sepals and mid ribs.

Parentage:  Spacecoast firestarter x unknown


Daylily Rocket City

By Hardy – 1967

Daylily Rocket City

Rocket City is a tall sturdy dormant tetraploid at 36 inches. It won’t blow over and blooms and increases well. He is tangerine orange with a burnt orange eye zone.

Parentage:  Crestwood Gold x seedling


Daylily Pinewood Monkey Business

By Korth P. and Korth L. – 2016

Daylily Pinewood Monkey Business

This is a 7 inch bloom that is often pinched and twisted, an unusual form. It is warm red-orange with a darker band and 17 buds on 3 branches. 

The 31 inch plant is sturdy and an early mid season blooming, dormant tetraploid.

Parentage:  ((Sun Bear x (Calling All Angels x Legendary Romance)) x Music Monkey)


Daylily Mighty Chestnut

By Blaney – 1994

Daylily Mighty Chestnut

The beauty of this color is difficult to capture both on film and with words. I guess the name describes it; chestnut brown with a standout Burgundy eye zone and a glowing golden throat and stamens. The flowers are 5.5 inches, round and ruffled. It is also fragrant and blooms into the night.

The plant is a dormant tetraploid and is a sturdy, well branched 30 inches tall.

Parentage:  (Chicago Apache x Black Eyed Susan)


Daylily Golden Diamond

By Baker-S.H. – 1962

Daylily Golden Diamond

This 36 inch tall mid season bloomer is old and orange but it is a power house of bloom, and a fast grower. It is a sturdy plant with extended bloom; a vigorous dormant diploid.

The 5 inch flower is golden orange with a reddish pattern in the throat. The petals are also interesting in that the thin but just a little wide to be a spider and pointy with a little pie crust edge.

Parentage: (High Noon x (Revelation x Samarkand))


Daylily Duke of Durham

By Elliott; 1977

This 2.5 foot tall plant produces large 6 inch flowers. 

A late mid-season bloomer, it will keep going when the others have finished. 

The color is unusual; I would call it copper colored with an almost clown-like purple eye zone and moderate ruffling.  

Dormant, diploid.


Daylily Tiger Eye Hager

By Hagerstrom-Wadekamper – 1987

Daylily Tiger Eye Hager

This very large dormant tetraploid holds 8 ½ inch flowers atop 36 inch tall scapes. It is a mid-season bloomer that also has extended bloom due to its heavy substance. The plant is quite impressive in the garden. The color is rusty orange to tan with a mahogany eye-zone above a yellow/green throat.


Daylily Rajah

By Stout – 1935

daylily-rajah-and-date-book1This historic daylily is a rusty orange with a red eye-zone and creamy mid-ribs above a yellow throat.  It is a mid-season re-bloomer and a dormant diploid which is fairly tall at 36 inches and sports 4 ½ inch flowers.

Parentage: (Mikado × Red sdlg)


Daylily Copper Kettle Hager

By Hagerstrom (unregistered)

Daylily Whiz Bang1This golden coppery orange to melon colored beauty is difficult to explain.  It’s all of those colors and then it blends to a deeper shade near the throat.  The 5” flowers start mid-season on 32” scapes.  It is a dormant diploid that is also a fast grower.



Daylily Little Rusty


15″ ht. flowers 2.5″ – zone 3
Rusty orange with a gold throat.  This one can vary on the same plant.  Some are solid orange and some are slightly bicolored with gold hews on the lower petals.
This little beauty came in a group of seedlings that were billed as “Sisters of Stella”. It is not a registered variety. This daylily was a selection from the breeding program for the famous Stella De Oro, which was not registered. This is a beautiful little mini that would be at home in any collection. It has many of the same attributes as its sister “Stella”. It is a non-stop bloomer, increases rapidly and is 100% reliable.
Early midseason, extended bloom, re-bloomer
dormant, diploid



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