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Daylily Tiger Eye Hager


By Hagerstrom-Wadekamper – 1987

daylily-tiger-eye-hager-21This very large dormant tetraploid holds 8 ½ inch flowers atop 36 inch tall scapes. It is a mid-season bloomer that also has extended bloom due to its heavy substance. The plant is quite impressive in the garden. The color is rusty orange to tan with a mahogany eye-zone above a yellow/green throat.


Daylily Rajah

By Stout – 1935

daylily-rajah-and-date-book1This historic daylily is a rusty orange with a red eye-zone and creamy mid-ribs above a yellow throat.  It is a mid-season re-bloomer and a dormant diploid which is fairly tall at 36 inches and sports 4 ½ inch flowers.

Parentage: (Mikado × Red sdlg)


Daylily Whiz Bang

By Wild – 1973

Daylily Whiz Bang1This peachy pinky melon beauty is difficult to explain.  It’s all of those colors and then it blends to a deeper shade like that of a flamingo near the throat.  The 6” flowers start mid-season on 38” scapes.  It is a dormant diploid that is also a fast grower.

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Daylily Little Rusty


15″ ht. flowers 2.5″ – zone 3
Rusty orange with a gold throat.  This one can vary on the same plant.  Some are solid orange and some are slightly bicolored with gold hews on the lower petals.
This little beauty came in a group of seedlings that were billed as “Sisters of Stella”. It is not a registered variety. This daylily was part of the breeding program for the famous Stella De Oro that was not registered. This is a beautiful little mini that would be at home in any collection. It has many of the same attributes as its sister “Stella”. It is a non-stop bloomer, increases rapidly and is 100% reliable.
Early midseason, extended bloom, re-bloomer
dormant, diploid


Daylilly Sammy Russell


By Russell – 1951

Daylily Sammy Russell

Daylily Sammy Russell

This heirloom daylily is a late blooming dormant diploid. It is brick red with a gold throat that extends out, star-like, onto the mid-ribs. Give this fast grower some space or it will grow into the one you planted next to it.  Though not a true spider the 4 inch flowers do have a spidery form with thin petals. The plant stands about 2 ½ feet tall.

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Daylily Ralph Henry

By Hall – 1964

Daylily Ralph Henry

Daylily Ralph Henry

A peachy orange daylily with a there is a raised cream mid-rib and cream around the edge of the lower petals. The dormant diploid plant is 20” with 5” blooms.  This is not the same as “Siloam Ralph Henry”. It is just “Ralph Henry”. Yes, there are 2 of them and the Siloam daylily of the same name is very popular while this one is rare.



Daylily Pumpkin Moonshine

By Trimmer – 1998

Daylily Pumpkin moonshine

Daylily Pumpkin moonshine

Orange is often a neglected color in the daylily world.  This pumpkin colored favorite won’t sit around looking like a ditch lily though. Its perfect shape and gorgeous dark red eye zone will make sure of that.  It even shows the eye zone on the lower petals and the throat is an unusual dark orange color; darker than the rest of the flower.  It is a 22” dormant tetraploid that blooms early with 4 1/2 “ slightly fragrant flowers.


Daylily Primal Scream

By Hanson – 1994

Daylily Primal Scream

Daylily Primal Scream

Primal Scream does just that to your senses when you see it.  The 8” tangerine/orange blooms have a ruffled edge. Depending on the weather, sometimes they open wide and perfect and sometimes they curve back and bend and twist into and unusual form. The plant is large at 34” and it is a dormant tetraploid with huge fans.  It starts blooming mid-season and has a large bud count for one so large so it keeps cranking out the color lasting into the very late season. It has won the Stout Silver Medal, the Lambert/Webster Award and the President’s Cup Award in 2013.  If you thought you didn’t like orange daylilies try this one; it will really stand out in your garden.


Daylily Little Bumble Bee

Ht. 12″ 2″ bloom

An extra early re-blooming miniature, it is yellow with a very dark maroon eye zone.

This one is way too cute! Even if your garden is tiny you can find room for it. Dormant, Diploid

This is not a registered name, but a google search shows that this plant is commonly found under this name.


Daylily Katherine Harris

By Reinke – 1999

Daylily Katherine Harris

Daylily Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris is a tall beauty at 34”; an unusual form spider type it also has quite large flowers at 7”.  She is a mid-season bloomer that is a semi-evergreen diploid.  Branching and bud count are good and there is a bonus…fragrance. The tangerine gold blend with some streaking is eye-catching but never screams.  The mid ribs and throat are also gold blending to chartreuse deep in the center. The orange stamens seem extra-long to me and are tipped in black.

Parentage: (Miss Jennie × Rainbow Spangles)


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