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Daylily Tech Colors

By Murphy, 2011

This flower is a brightly colored tangerine orange with a bold reddish purple eye.  It is classified as a cascading unusual form and it is 41 inch

es tall with a 7 inch flower.  It is a semi-evergreen, tetraploid which starts blooming mid-season and has an extended bloom. Bud count is 18 on 3 branches.

Parentage:  ((Isle of Dreams x Tet. Coral Crab) x Fish Face)



Daylily Shola

By Hankins 1973


Shola is a 28 inch tall dormant tetraploid with extended bloom.  It is red orange or “copper” and opens to 8 inches.  The golden highlights include a fine yellow edge, prominent midribs and a golden throat.  It is a really good grower like it’s parent Mary Todd.

Parentage: (Mary Todd × (Tet. May Hall × Buddy))



Daylily Sheepscot Valley Sunup

By Barth-N. – 1996

This sturdy, tall (32 inch) dormant, tetraploid is a good bloomer in the mid/late season. The 7 inch flowers are registered as orange but they are more of a golden orange with a star shaped rusty red/orange halo.

Parentage:  Ben Kirk × Sparkling Orange


Daylily Judge Roy Bean

By Reinke – 1996

If you love spiders this one should be in your garden; at 39 inches (99 cm) tall, with a bloom size of 9 inches (23 cm) and a spider ratio of 5.20:1, it really has a form much like its parent Kindly Light. It is a mid to late season bloomer, a dormant, diploid and is fragrant!  The difference is the color.  Described as; soft persimmon gold self with creamy ribbing and a large light greenish gold throat.  I had to google Persimmon. It is described as an orangey red, so this description is absolutely correct as the petals almost look like gold underneath the “persimmon” is showing through giving it a streaked effect.

Parentage:  Persimmon × Kindly Light


Daylily Variegated Kwanzo

By Stout 1945

Variegated Kwanzo is unregistered, although it is historic as it was developed from a sport by the father of modern daylilies.  It is a 3 foot tall mid to late bloomer with a three inch, hose-in-hose, double orange/red flowers.  It’s main attractions is the variegated leaves (striped with white or cream).  The plant is also unusual as it is a triploid (this means it has three sets of chromosomes where most have two or four).  This makes it sterile but don’t worry, this plant has the ability to spread by runners.  I would not recommend keeping it in your regular daylily beds.  It is not as aggressive as the green form which has become a “ditch lily” in some places, but, do remove any plants that revert to green as they will spread faster.  The variegation is different with every scapes, some are even pure white.  Keep the ones that are interesting and get rid of the rest in a way that they won’t spread into the wild.  We don’t ship this one early in spring because we want to make sure that each fan that we send has nice variegation.


Daylily Kyoto Protocol

By Reinermann 2010

This one is not often seen for sale.  I love the color; I’m going to call it “rusty Red” but it has hints of red, orange and gold.  It has a fuchsia eye zone over a gold throat and lighter colored midribs.  It is a semi-evergreen tetraploid that blooms midseason and is 24 inches tall.  The bloom size is listed as 6.5 inches but I think it is more like 5 inches for me.

Parentage: (Seminole Wind × Elizabeth Salter)



Daylily Orange Flurry

By DeGroot 2000

Orange Flurry is a cute little plant, it is both miniature, with 2.5 inch flowers, and dwarf, at only 17 inches tall.  It is ruffled and kind of an apricot color with hints of gold, a prominent gold mid rib and a gold throat.  There is also a rusty eye band.  This cutie blooms early mid-season but also reblooms and has a fragrance.  The plant is listed as a single flower but often doubles or produces a poly for me.



Daylily Seedling Round Orange

Unregistered seedling by Grant/Matel – 2010

Daylily Seedling LG West #2

This is a sturdy 30 inch tall plant with good branching; a dormant tetraploid.

The 5 inch flowers are perfectly round and ruffled with orange petals and golden orange sepals and mid ribs.

Parentage:  Spacecoast firestarter x unknown


Daylily Rocket City

By Hardy – 1967

Daylily Rocket City

Rocket City is a tall sturdy dormant tetraploid at 36 inches. It won’t blow over and blooms and increases well. He is tangerine orange with a burnt orange eye zone.

Parentage:  Crestwood Gold x seedling


Daylily Pinewood Monkey Business

By Korth P. and Korth L. – 2016

Daylily Pinewood Monkey Business

This is a 7 inch bloom that is often pinched and twisted, an unusual form. It is warm red-orange with a darker band and 17 buds on 3 branches. 

The 31 inch plant is sturdy and an early mid season blooming, dormant tetraploid.

Parentage:  ((Sun Bear x (Calling All Angels x Legendary Romance)) x Music Monkey)


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