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Daylily Autumn Minaret

By Stout – 1951

This stately, historic daylily is 66 inches tall and has a 3 inch trumpet shaped flower that is golden yellow with a rusty orange eye zone. It is a mid-season/late bloomer; one of the latest in my garden, and it also blooms into the night. A dormant, diploid, it is also supposed to be fragrant and it has nice st


rong stems to support bunches of little flowers dancing well above the near by plants.

Parentage:  H. altissima x H. fulva


Daylily Royalty Surprise

By Klehm 2006

Royalty Surprise is a dormant tetraploid that blooms in the mid to late season.  It does continue all the way to frost for me.  The plant is 36 inches tall with 6 inch lightly ruffled blooms.  The rich royal red flowers are edged with a wide cream border that sets it apart from the other reds, and it has a green throat.



Daylily Horse Pen Creek

By Tanner 2011

Horse Pen Creek is exactly the color of a creamsicle, perfectly round form with a bubbled edge that is a shade darker.  This sturdy, 25 inch, dormant tetraploid is a mid to late season bloomer with 6.25 inch flowers.  I wish I knew how it got it’s name.  It’s a funny name for one so beautiful.

Parentage: (June McKinney × Victorian Lace)



Daylily Antique Nouveau

By Salter 2005

This beauty is purple to mauve with a gold bubbled edge above a green throat.  She is happy at the front of the border, at 24 inches tall with a 5 inch, fragrant flower.  A dormant tetraploid, she starts blooming in August, so will fill your fall garden with beauty from 38 buds on 4 branches.


Daylily Bridgeton Bishop

By Apps – 1997

Bridgeton Bishop is violet, fading to a lavender halo above a bright yellow throat. There is also a ruffled yellow picotee edge. I love this plant because of its late to very late bloom. He starts when the others are finishing. This is a dormant tetraploid that has 5 ½ inch blooms atop 28 inch scapes. The scapes generally have 3 to 4 branches with around 25 buds so this guy preforms really well once he gets going.

Parentage: (sdlg × Angel’s Smile)


Daylily Jean

By McDade-Schreiner – 1943

daylily-jean1I love this historic daylily.  It has coloration is similar to the classic “Frans Halls” with red/orange petals alternating with gold petals. It was actually bred more than 10 years before it’s more widely known look alike. There is a creamy gold mid-rib on the red petals of this dormant diploid. This is where the similarities end however. This plant is prized for its height at 38 inches tall, and because it is very late.  The petals are also longer, enough that it can be categorized as an unusual form. The plant won the AHS award of merit in 1951.


Daylily Final Touch

By Apps 1991

Final Touch is a late blooming (get it? Final Touch?), slightly fragrant dormant diploid. It is a bi-colored pink panther pink with the lower petals being lighter pink and it has a bright gold throat. It is winner of the Eugene S. Foster Award. Many years it re-blooms until frost.


Rudbeckia Triloba – Brown Eyed Susan



This native plant is 3-4 feet tall and a branched form can make it equally as wide. The fuzzy, dark green, three lobed leaves make it deer resistant. It prefers moisture but will do fine in any condition including drought when established. The plant self-sows easily and flowers in the second year so don’t worry that they are considered a short lived perennial. These plants seem to “move around” in your garden. The first year it is a mound of basal foliage and the next year a mass of 1-2 inch bright yellow flowers with contrasting dark brown centers. They bloom from midsummer into hard frost. It plays well with native grasses and is a great cut flower.



Daylily Sandra Elizabeth

Stevens – 1983

The beauty of Sandra Elizabeth is that it is very late…a daylily blooming when all of the others are done. It is yellow but is fairly ruffled.  Her 6” flowers are held atop 28” scapes. She is a dormant tetraploid and so really hardy and the flowers open even when it is cold.



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