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Hosta Country Mouse

By Hans Hanson – 2007

Country Mouse is a really cute sport of Bill’s Dress Blue that was developed in Minnesota. It is a miniature hosta that gets no taller than 3 inches. It has a heart shaped blue/green leaf with a white edge. The 15 inch tall scapes of lavender flowers appear in mid-summer and are loved by hummingbirds. Great for rock gardens, containers and woodland paths. It is a good grower and the leaves are on the thick side so they aren’t bothered as much by slugs or sun scald.



Iris MDB Blue Doll

By B. Warburton, R&I – 1958

This cute little MDB iris grows to 6 inches and has a light purplish blue self, with a light violet spot on the falls.  The beard is white. Will form nice little patches. She won an award in 1959.

Parentage:  Pigmy Gold x April Morn



Daylily Petite Nobel

By Reinermann – 1993

This miniature daylily has creamy white flowers which blend to a chartreuse eyezone over a green throat with green veining into the petals. The 18 inch tall plant holds many little blooms that appear midseason and are 2.5 inches. Dormant diploid.

Parentage:  (Siloam French Doll x (sdlg x Tante Ju))



Daylily Penny’s Worth

By Hager – 1987

This tiny cutie is perfect at the front of the border, rock garden or pot, at only 10 inches tall. The little 1.5 inch (4 cm) light yellow flowers have a golden throat and start extra early. A dormant, diploid and a rebloomer; and really an exceptional rebloomer too. Blooms into October in the north and will take light frosts. The foliage is very fine, small and grass like.

Parentage: Pizza × (Daily Bread × Bitsy)


Daylily Micro Chip

By Trimmer-J. – 2005

This cute double miniature is 19 inches (48 cm) tall and has a bloom that is 2.87 inches (7 cm).  It is a late season bloomer that will rebloom; an evergreen, diploid with 35 buds on 4 branches that doubles 95% of the time.  Coral pink with pale rouge eye above a yellow throat. I feel it looks kind of rusty orange sometimes. It won the Eugene S. Foster Award for outstanding late cultivars.

Parentage:  Penny Pinsley × Tropical Delight


Daylily Little Grapette

By Williamson – 1970

A true miniature and a dwarf; only 12 inches tall (30 cm) with a 2 inch (5 cm) flower. It is grape cool aide purple with a merlot eye zone over a green throat. It is an early blooming semi evergreen, diploid.

Parentage:  Lavender Doll × seedling



Daylily Crotchless Panties

By Erikson-P. – 1999

An interesting name for such a cute miniature. It is

20 inch tall (51 cm) with a 2.5 inch bloom (6 cm). It is a mid season blooming dormant, diploid with extended bloom and sometimes it reblooms. It has 30 buds on 3 branches. Cream with bright fuchsia, feathered eyezone and blue halo above an apple green throat. 

Parentage:  Janice Brown × Siloam Sugar Time


Iris SDB Tanzanite

By Smith 2009

Neither words nor photos can describe the beauty of this little blue violet iris.  He blooms early and can be 11 inches tall but is shorter for me on sandy soil.  He is very ruffled with falls that are held wide.  The blue violet color intensifies around the snow white beards, where a white eyelash pattern is also seen.  A light spicy fragrance is a bonus.


Iris MDB – Buckeye Baby

By Willott – 1986

This cute little iris is fast growing and very hardy.  It is about 4 inches tall and blooms early. It is slightly ruffled with bright yellow standards.  The falls are reddish brown and are edged with the same yellow as the standards.  The beards are orange/yellow.

Parentage:  (Mystic Midnight x Banbury Ruffles) x Inca Idol



Daylily Orange Flurry

By DeGroot 2000

Orange Flurry is a cute little plant, it is both miniature, with 2.5 inch flowers, and dwarf, at only 17 inches tall.  It is ruffled and kind of an apricot color with hints of gold, a prominent gold mid rib and a gold throat.  There is also a rusty eye band.  This cutie blooms early mid-season but also reblooms and has a fragrance.  The plant is listed as a single flower but often doubles or produces a poly for me.



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