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Iris Boo

By Markham – 1971

They don’t come any cuter than Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB) Iris “Boo”.  She doesn’t get any taller than 12 inches.  An amoena, which means that the standards are white and the falls are colored. In this case there is a crescent shaped purple spot on the falls with detailed veining and penciling near the beards, which are yellow. This cutie won the award of merit in 1976. They are early bloomers and you may want to get down close to smell the sweet fragrance.

Parentage:   Elisa Bee X Warburton 72IJ-1: ((Fairy Flax x Blue Denim) x sibling)


Iris Blue Denim

By Warburton – 1958

I just love the color of this historic Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB) Iris. It’s a true sky blue, the ruffled falls and standards are the same color but there is noticeable darker blue veining throughout and a yellow beard for accent.  This Iris pumila is about 12 inches tall and is great for the rock garden or front of the border.

Parentage:  ‘Great Lakes ‘ X ( ‘April Morn’ x unknown)



Daylily Bitsy

By Warner, 1963

daylily-bitsy1This miniature daylily sports 2″ blooms on a plant that only stands 12-18″ tall. A 2002 All American Daylily Selection, this extra-early bloomer will re-bloom heavily.  She is a semi-evergreen, diploid with masses of petite blooms that are light yellow with a green throat, above grassy foliage. This daylily is also nocturnal so it is perfect for the moon garden. Another interesting trait is that the flower scapes are dark in color so that in the dark, the flowers seem to float.

Parentage:  Pinocchio x Sooner Gold


Daylily Raspberry Pixie

By Williamson – 1969

daylily-raspberry-pixie1This is a miniature daylily growing to only 1 ½ feet with 2 ½ inch blooms.  The plant is an evergreen, diploid with fragrant fuchsia blossoms that blooms and re-blooms starting mid-season.


Daylily Ming Toy

By Wheeler – 1947

daylily-ming-toy1This is a mini daylily that stays less than 15 inches.  It starts blooming early and keeps blooming with a mass of 3 inch red flowers.  These red flowers won’t fade or spot in hot sun. They hold the bright red/orange well and the throat is a very bright gold.  Sometimes the edges are also touched in gold.  Evergreen; diploid.


Daylily Puddin

By Kennedy – 1972

Daylily Puddin1Here is a little miniature night blooming daylily that will be perfect for the front of your moon garden. At only 20” tall this dormant, diploid has 2 ½” blooms that are round with full petals and just the right shade of pale yellow that they seem to glow in the moonlight.


Daylily Little Witching Hour

By Salter 1988

She is the cutest of the cute. Truly a miniature at only a foot tall, with blooms that are less than 2″; the flowers are rose with a burgundy eye, green throat and a thin gold ruffled edge. This mid-season rebloomer is a semi evergreen diploid.

Parentage:  (Enchanter’s Spell × sdlg)


Daylily Little Fat Dazzler

By Lankart 1979

Daylily Little Fat Dazzler1This really is the true color of this darling miniature daylily. It is bright fuchsia and perfectly round and ruffled. The plant is truly miniature at only a foot tall, but for its size the flowers are fairly big at 3 inches. She is a semi-evergreen diploid and blooms early to mid-season.


Daylily Bertie Ferris

By Winniford 1969

Daylily Bertie Ferris1Bertie is a cute melon colored miniature daylily with an interesting darker orange throat.  It starts early and blooms for an extended period. She is a dormant diploid with masses of 2” blooms.  It stands only about a foot and a half tall so it’s nice in pots or in the front of the border. She opens well on cold days but reportedly grows well in the south too; a Stout Silver Medal winner.


Daylily Itsy Bitsy Spider

By Bishop – 1990

This cute lemon yellow with green throat daylily, has little 3 1/2 inch unusual form blossoms. Meaning, it blooms with narrow petals that are pinched and twisted. A dormant diploid; It blooms early and will rebloom for most of the summer. The foliage mound is low at about a foot but the scapes, at 3 feet, hold the blooms well above the foliage. They are light weight but there are lots of them and they seem to bounce around in the breeze.

Parentage: Mignon × Suzie Wong

Image coming soon.  Here is a link to a good picture of this plant.


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