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Hosta Yellow River

By Eric Smith/Paul Aden/Pete Ruh – 1993

This hosta will form a magnificent clump given time. Reaching 20 inches tall the 13 x 10 inch leaves are topped with 48 inch scapes that have white flowers. The spectacular dark green foliage has a wide yellow margin that develops a more creamy white appearance as the summer heat moves in.  Light shade will keep it looking nice. The leaves are cordate, ribbed and have wavy margins. This Montana sport can reach 4 feet across and, having an upright habit, the long pointed leaves with good substance are stunning.


Hosta Pineapple Punch

By Amy Bergeron – 2005

This is a sport of Pineapple Upsidedown Cake and the form is very similar.  It is about 13 inches tall and matures to a 2 foot clump with very wavy, long, lance shaped leaves.  The leaves are shiny and 10 inches by 3 inches, and are dark green with a yellow to cream edge. The lavender flowers appear in August. Just like Pineapple Upsidedown Cake it is a fast grower.



Daylily Seedling Taken for Granted

Unregistered seedling – Grant/Matel 2010

Taken for Granted was given to me to grow out as a seedling. Seedling number:  LGwest#13. It is a 5.5 inch flower atop a 28 inch plant. The sturdy scapes hold bunches of buds right above the foliage. A rose lavender flower is ruffled with a wine colored picotee edge and vibrant eye zone. The chartreuse throat is accented by white in between the eye and the throat and on the mid ribs. Bright white points also show up on the sepals when the flower fully opens. Semi-evergreen tetraploid.

Parentage: Cherry Valentine x Rock Solid


Daylily Jackie Hayes

By Barnhart 1992

Jackie Hayes is a pretty pink and lavender blend that has prominent light pink mid ribs, a ruffled edge, a lime green throat and fragrance.  She is a semi evergreen, diploid that blooms in the early to mid-season and then reblooms.  The plant is 18 inches tall with a 6 inch flower and also boasts extended bloom.  Jackie Hayes is not often seen on the market.



Daylily Huckleberry Candy

By Stamile 1998

Huckleberry Candy is much like the others in the Candy series.  It is a dormant tetraploid that is 20 inches tall, with a 4.25 inch flower, that blooms early to mid-season.  It is cream to light peach with a violet blue watermark that spreads into a fuchsia eyezone above a chartreuse throat.  Prominent cream colored mid ribs, a lightly ruffled edge and diamond dusting complete the picture.

Parentage: (Exotic Candy × Magnificent Rainbow)


Hosta Marilyn Monroe

By Jim Hawes/Pete and Jean Rue – 2005

This is a medium sized seedling of Urajiro Hachijo which can form a 2 foot clump when mature. The pale green lance shaped leaves are 7 inches long by 6 inches wide and have a uniform and very wavy edge. The leaves have a white back that flashes in a light breeze. The petioles are red and lavender flowers appear in August.


Hosta Allegan Fog

By Ken Herrema/Pete Ruh – 2000

This medium sized hosta grows to about 18 inches wide and 15 inches tall.  It is white with a dark green edge which is twisted and wavy. The white center is misted with tiny green speckles that make it look misty. The white area turns light green later in the season. Lavender flowers appear in mid-June.





Hosta The Razor’s Edge

By Terpening;

Hosta The Razors Edge, Venusta and Touch of Class

Hosta The Razors Edge, Venusta and Touch of Class

This award winning mini hosta is dramatically different with its very narrow and very wavy, lance shaped, green leaves. The red petioles get darker as the summer heats up and the lavender flowers attract hummingbirds. Nice in the rock garden or as an edger.



Hosta Praying Hands

G. Williams 1996

Praying hands

Praying hands

One of the most unusual hosta around; extremely long, rippled dark green leaves have a waxy shine and a very thin yellow margin. The leaves are held straight upright and are folded and wavy, giving a twisted appearance.

These will never be mistaken for another hosta and they look interesting placed among the mounding hostas.

Light lavender flowers will appear midsummer. Amazing!

Each small 18″ wide clump resembles many hands folded in prayer.


Lakeside Hoola Hoop

By Chastain

Hosta Lakeside hoola hoop and June

Hosta Lakeside hoola hoop and June

This small charmer has pointy lance shaped leaves that have very ruffled edges. It is impressive with its green very shiny leaves, with a thick yellow margin, that seem to bend in many directions. The lavender flowers are also unusual in that that they are striped with white.



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