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Daylily Kyoto Protocol

By Reinermann 2010

This one is not often seen for sale.  I love the color; I’m going to call it “rusty Red” but it has hints of red, orange and gold.  It has a fuchsia eye zone over a gold throat and lighter colored midribs.  It is a semi-evergreen tetraploid that blooms midseason and is 24 inches tall.  The bloom size is listed as 6.5 inches but I think it is more like 5 inches for me.

Parentage: (Seminole Wind × Elizabeth Salter)



Daylily Love You

By Webster 1984

Love you is a very pale pink, near white in color, with lightly ruffled edges and a cream colored mid rib.  What makes it a standout is the intense green throat that spreads into a chartreuse halo.  The plant is a dormant tetraploid.  It blooms mid-season and is very fragrant.  On a side note; there are many daylilies with Love You in the name that are different than this plant.  Love You is a good one for the moon garden.


Daylily Huckleberry Candy

By Stamile 1998

Huckleberry Candy is much like the others in the Candy series.  It is a dormant tetraploid that is 20 inches tall, with a 4.25 inch flower, that blooms early to mid-season.  It is cream to light peach with a violet blue watermark that spreads into a fuchsia eyezone above a chartreuse throat.  Prominent cream colored mid ribs, a lightly ruffled edge and diamond dusting complete the picture.

Parentage: (Exotic Candy × Magnificent Rainbow)


Daylily Horse Pen Creek

By Tanner 2011

Horse Pen Creek is exactly the color of a creamsicle, perfectly round form with a bubbled edge that is a shade darker.  This sturdy, 25 inch, dormant tetraploid is a mid to late season bloomer with 6.25 inch flowers.  I wish I knew how it got it’s name.  It’s a funny name for one so beautiful.

Parentage: (June McKinney × Victorian Lace)


Daylily Seedling Gentleman’s Friend

By Matel 2013

This is an unregistered seedling of Decatur Gentleman.  The pollen parent is not known.  It is a 22 inch tall plant with a 5.5 inch flower, that is dark purple.  There is a light purple halo in the eyezone above a gold throat.  This is a mid-season blooming dormant, tetraploid.



Daylily Cameroons Twister

By Benz 2000

Cameroons Twister is a large (40 inches tall), showy dormant tetraploid.  The 7.5 inch fragrant flowers start blooming in the mid to late-season and then rebloom almost until frost, and there are plenty of them….40 buds on 5 branches.  The big fuchsia, crispate, unusual form flowers open wide in the base and show off a large baby pink eye zone over a green throat, while the ends of the petals are often pinched and twisted.  Cameroon is a country in Africa so I am curious how this show stopper got its name.

Parentage: (Cameroons × One Step Beyond)



Daylily Artic Snow

By Stamile 1985

This ivory beauty has a green throat and light ruffles.  She is a staple in the moon garden.  She has an extended bloom period which means blooms last into the evening.  A dormant tetraploid; this 23 inch tall plant has 5 1/2 inch blooms.  It is list

ed as ivory but really it depends on the light sometimes it looks pale yellow and sometimes pale pink.  It really stands out in the dark, with contrasting black anthers.

Parentage: (Porcelain Pleasure × (French Frosting × Nuka))



Daylily April Fools

By Moldovan 2001

This gorgeous sturdy plant holds masses (35 buds on 4 branches) of cheery 5 1/2 inch fragrant flowers.  They are golden yellow with a red eye above a green throat.  The show starts early mid season and continues for the rest of the season.  The plant is a 30 inch dormant tetraploid with nice foliage.

Parentage:  Fooled Me x April in Paris



Daylily All American Chief

By Sellers 1994

This is the one, where visitors to the garden stop and say “Wow, what is that?”  The blooms are nine inches with a large bright yellow throat that spreads into a star when fully open.  At 32 inches tall this dormant tetraploid is sturdy and holds abundant blooms without bending.  Early, midseason rebloomer says it all, as he seems to bloom all summer.  It’s no wonder he is a Stout Medal winner and is still winning popularity contests today.



Daylily Chicago Cattleya

By Marsh – Klehm – 1980

Daylily Chicago Cattleya

A dormant tetraploid, this purple blend is lavender with a deep purple halo, and blooms midseason. It is really a fusion of purple as multiple shades come into play.  It is 24 inches tall with a 5.75 inch bloom.


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