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Hosta Zounds

By Aden; 1978

Hosta Zounds

Hosta Zounds

This medium/large brilliant gold hosta simply glows in the dark. The chordate, puckered, heart shaped leaves are cupped and this becomes more pronounced as the plant ages. Better if it gets some sun. The glossy leaves show off pure white flowers on 24” scapes.


Hosta Twist of Lime

Bruce Banyai/Bob Solberg 1991

Bright lemon yellow leaves with a wavy deep green margin. The leaves are 1” x 3” and lancolate with 3 veins.

This mini hosta forms a neat small semi upright clump can spread up to 10” wide by 4” tall.

This cute introduction is a mutation of H. ‘Lemon Lime’ and is great for the rock garden or as an edger!

The clump is topped with a profusion of deep violet flowers in late spring.


Hosta September Sun

Bob Solberg 1985

September sun is a sport of ‘August Moon’ selected by James Massey.

The leaves are gold with dark green margin. There is a high contrast between margin and center and the color grows more pronounced as the season progresses. The round to heart shaped leaves are heavily corrugated and stand up to slugs due to their excellent substance. They are 6” x 7” and have 8 veins.

Near white flowers bloom in late summer on 3 foot spikes.

This erect mound is 3 feet across by 1.5 feet tall. The plant is a really good grower when given some morning sun.


Hosta Radiant Edger

By Zilis – 1990

Hosta Radiant Edger and Little Wonder

Hosta Radiant Edger and Little Wonder

This small hosta is a sport of Gold Edger. A small, cute fast growing hosta; Radiant Edger has round green leaves with a wide gold margin that will streak to the center a little bit. It forms a nice mound gradually spreading to a patch, never getting more than 10 to 12 inches with 22 inch scapes bearing lavender flowers. This hosta will produce more quickly given a little sun. Though not tall the clumps can reach 30” wide.  Excellent form and color contrast make it a nice one to mass plant.


Hosta Platinum Tiara

By Walters Gardens – 1987

A gorgeous, unique hosta; Platinum Tiara has small (4 x4”), round, chartreuse leaves with a white margin that most often is a narrow, ribbon but is variable with some streaking. It won the 1989 Eldren Minks Distinguished Merit Award. Subtly striped lavender flowers appear in June and July on 2 foot scapes.  This is a stable sport of Golden Tiara that is the color of Golden Scepter; spreads a little and is vigorous for such a light hosta.


Hosta Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Mark Zilis/Bob Solberg 1999

This sport of H.’Pineapple Poll’ is a medium clump of long lance-shaped (4” x 10”) leaves and is wonderfully variegated.

The leaf emerges with a gold green center and a darker green margin and then depending on what kind of light it is in and progressing as the seasons change, it turns more gold and eventually near white. The leaves are ruffled and have very heavy substance.

The rapidly growing clump can be 2.5 feet wide, but is mounding rather than tall so it could be placed closer to the front.

Light lavender flowers appear in late July.

You gotta love the name.


Hosta Paul’s Glory

Paul Hofer/Pete Ruh 1987

Paul’s Glory is a mutation from H. ‘Perry’s True Blue’; from the sieboldiana line.

The large brilliant gold centered, heart shaped leaves have a ½” blue margin and are nicely puckered when mature. The centers turn white as the season progresses. The 7” x 5” leaves have 8 veins and the heavy substance helps them stand up to slugs.

Paul’s Glory holds its lovely variegated color all season although the colors do seem to change with the seasons and also depending on what light you have it in. So much so that at times it can look like 2 different hostas.

The lavender flowers, starting in June, also seem to change and can sometimes be near white. A Mature clump can be 2.5 feet by 1.5 tall with 2 foot scapes.

Give this one a prominent spot so it can grab attention. It will tolerate a little morning sun.

Your Price: $ 

Hosta Paradigm

By Walden/West – 1999

Hosta of the year in 2007; this beauty really is a good example of a model perennial.  ‘Paradigm’ comes from the Greek word paradeigma, which means “pattern”, “example” or “model.”  It also won the Alex Summers Award in 2010.  A large hosta at 20” with 2 foot scapes it is a bright gold with blue margins and can spread to 3 feet wide when mature. It is a sport of Abiqua Recluse (H. White Vision x Sum and Substance). The glossy leaves intensify in color as the season goes on and it is moderately corrugated with really heavy substance. A wonderful specimen it is topped with lavender flowers in midsummer.


Hosta Midwest Magic

By Zilis – 1999

Hosta Midwest Magic & Karin

Hosta Midwest Magic & Karin

This mutation of Zounds has shiny heart shaped golden leaves with a ¾” wide dark green, irregular margin. The ovate pointed leaves are slug resistant due to very good substance and a glaucous underside, and are dimpled and cordate. It can spread to a 3 ½ wide by 2 foot mound with 2 foot scapes bearing very light lavender flowers in July. The plant has a fairly good growth rate and is fertile. It can take a little sun and will grow faster if it is provided.


Hosta Lunar Orbit

By Lydell – 1991

Hosta Lunar Orbit and Katherine Lewis, Bleeding Heart Gold Heart

Hosta Lunar Orbit and Katherine Lewis, Bleeding Heart Gold Heart

Lunar Orbit is a sport of August moon that has rugose, cordate yellow leaves that are thick and leathery with blue green margins that occasionally streak in towards the center.  Mature plants are about 2 ½ feet wide and a foot tall and the slug resistant leaves are about 7 x 5”.  The 2 foot scapes bear pale lavender bells in July. This beauty can even take some sun.


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