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Daylily Seedling Linda’s Sunrise

Unregistered Seedling – By Grant/Matel 2011

This polychromatic beauty really does look just like the sky before the sun peaks through; peachy pink with gold highlights and a green throat.  The edge is more than ruffled, it has tiny golden teeth.  A dormant tetraploid she is 24 inches tall with a 5.75 inch bloom.  Heavy substance allows her to bloom well into the night where she practically glows in the dark.

Parentage:  Grant seedling #40B x Donna’s Prayer


Daylily Huckleberry Candy

By Stamile 1998

Huckleberry Candy is much like the others in the Candy series.  It is a dormant tetraploid that is 20 inches tall, with a 4.25 inch flower, that blooms early to mid-season.  It is cream to light peach with a violet blue watermark that spreads into a fuchsia eyezone above a chartreuse throat.  Prominent cream colored mid ribs, a lightly ruffled edge and diamond dusting complete the picture.

Parentage: (Exotic Candy × Magnificent Rainbow)


Daylily Horse Pen Creek

By Tanner 2011

Horse Pen Creek is exactly the color of a creamsicle, perfectly round form with a bubbled edge that is a shade darker.  This sturdy, 25 inch, dormant tetraploid is a mid to late season bloomer with 6.25 inch flowers.  I wish I knew how it got it’s name.  It’s a funny name for one so beautiful.

Parentage: (June McKinney × Victorian Lace)


Daylily Toyland

By Reckamp – 1965

Daylily Toyland

This cute miniature has cheerful, trumpet shaped, melon colored blooms that deepen to tangerine near the throat. He is lightly ruffled and the really cool thing is the dark smoky color of the buds.

The plant is 24 inches tall and is a mid season blooming dormant diploid.

Parentage:  (((Skeeter × Betty Rice) × (Ringlets × Lady of Northbrook)) × Satin Glass)


Daylily Ruffled Apricot

By Baker – 1972

daylily-ruffled-apricot1This fragrant, golden apricot beauty is the same color all the way down into the throat which is a little unusual. The accents are subtle; a lavender pink mid-rib that is really interesting, and I love the diamond dusting. She really grabs your attention with her wide, round, ruffled blooms that are 7 inches across and held on 28 inch scapes. An early mid-season, dormant, tetraploid; this daylily has nice heavy substance which is why the bloom is extended.  Sometimes the flowers even look okay the next day. She looks really nice with a lighter peach daylily.  I have her with Ming Snow. This daylily has won many awards, most notably the 1982 Stout Silver Medal award.

Parentage: (sdlg × Northbrook Star)



Daylily Jan’s Twister

By Joiner – 1991

Jan’s Twister is an unusual form daylily that will really have your garden visitors stopping to say “Wow, what’s that!” She has huge peach flowers with a large green throat, that are 11 ½ inches on top of 28 inch scapes.  She could maybe be called a spider but the petals are wider at the base and they curl fold and twist in crazy directions so that no two flowers are really alike. She is an evergreen diploid that blooms early to mid-season with good re-bloom for such a large flower. Jan preforms well here in Wisconsin. This daylily won the AHS award of merit in 1997, the 2000 Lambert/Webster Award for the best Unusual Form daylily and the Lenington All American Award in 2003.  The Lenington award is for outstanding performance in diverse climates.

Parentage: (Jean Wise × Kindly Light)


Daylily Bertie Ferris

By Winniford 1969

Daylily Bertie Ferris1Bertie is a cute melon colored miniature daylily with an interesting darker orange throat.  It starts early and blooms for an extended period. She is a dormant diploid with masses of 2” blooms.  It stands only about a foot and a half tall so it’s nice in pots or in the front of the border. She opens well on cold days but reportedly grows well in the south too; a Stout Silver Medal winner.


Iris Beverly Sills

By Hager – 1979

A 2 ½ to 3 foot tall bearded Iris which produces flamingo pink flowers with wide frilly falls.  It blooms in June. Beverly is a fast grower and usually has at least 5 flowers per scape. Named after the famous opera singer she also sports darker melon colored beards. She won a Dykes Medal in 1985 making her nearly as famous as her namesake.


Daylily Wild Ruffles

By Wild/Wadekamper – unregistered

A blend of light pink, melon and gold with a full wide form and very ruffled petals; this beauty is 30″ tall. The 6” blooms have very wide round top petals and narrower lower petals which are equally ruffled.  The bloom season is mid to late.  I cannot find documentation, but it behaves like a dormant tetraploid.


Daylily Smoky Mountain Autumn

By Guidry – 1986

Daylily Smoky Mountain Autumn with yarrow

Daylily Smoky Mountain Autumn with yarrow

Smokey is a poly-chrome blend of rose, pink and apricot bursting from the throat.  It is ruffled and perfectly formed with more rose on the ruffled edge and seen as streaks on the petals. It is a dormant, diploid and at 18 inches, it can be placed near the front of the border. Though it is not very tall I would not call it a mini because the flower is nearly 6 inches. Another benefit is that it is an early re-bloomer so it will help fill in the lull after the irises stop blooming, and then continue into the main daylily season.  It is a winner of the Lenington All American Award given to daylilies that perform well in any climate, and the good news just doesn’t stop. Smokey also won the Plouf Fragrance Award.


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