Notice:  This page is currently. under development, however, this will soon be available.  This notice will disapear when our images sales are live.  Please check back if you are interested in Catrina’s Photos.

Catrina’s images are now available to the public!

We have had enough requests that we have decided to offer our images.  Prices are per image.

Medium Sized Images – $14.00

Header Images – $20.00

Full Sized Images – $25.00

Image Copyright – $100

What does this mean?  About the Images and how to purchase them.

  • All of the images seen on the Catrina’s Garden Website were taken by Catrina with very few exceptions.  These images are copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose without express permission from Catrina. If you request the use of an image for which we do not own the copyright, we will refer you to the copyright owner.
  • Instead of having a gallery of images you can purchase images directly from the page of the website where they are found.  We are working on setting up the image purchase links on each page of the website but this will take some time.  If you don’t see a purchase link yet on the photo that you like please ask.  
  • Please send all image use requests to , or you can purchase the medium sized or header images with automatic digital delivery via email.
  • Permission is usually granted at no charge for educational, research and extension, as well as non-profit organizations.
  • We may consider an image trade.
  • “Medium Sized Images” are suitable for use on your website and although they are not all the same size, they are usually sized at between 50 and 150 KB.  Usually the long side of the image is between 500 and 600 pixels.
  • Header Images are 1280 x 444 pixels with a file size around 200 KB
  • Full sized images are suitable for printing and will vary in size but all are larger than 1 MB and many are as large as 5 MB.
  • If you want to know the size of a full size image before purchasing just ask.
  • Medium sized and header images are uploaded to the website already and you will receive an email instantly with the download link.
  • Full sized images are not uploaded to the website so we will manually send you the image via email.  Most of the time we will send the image within 24 hours, but occasionally it may take a week or more if we are traveling.
  • If you are purchasing multiple full sized images then email will not be the best way to send them.  Instructions for the transfer service sill be included here once we have figured out that piece of the puzzle.
  • If you purchase medium, large or header images you can use them for personal or commercial purposes, but you may not resell the image.  If you wish to sell the image you will need to purchase the copyright.  So, for example:  if you buy my picture of Stella de Oro, you can use it to sell that plant but you may not resell the image unless you purchase the copyright.
  • Thanks so much for not stealing my photos.  A lot of work goes into them.