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Daylily Chicago Cattleya

By Marsh – Klehm – 1980

Daylily Chicago Cattleya

A dormant tetraploid, this purple blend is lavender with a deep purple halo, and blooms midseason. It is really a fusion of purple as multiple shades come into play.  It is 24 inches tall with a 5.75 inch bloom.


Daylily Trahlyta

By Childs F. – 1982

Daylily Trahlyta and Anne Welch

A beauty at 30 inches tall which is a dormant diploid and an early midseason Rebloomer.  He is a plant that you know is different enough, that you will not mistake him for another.

The 6.5 inch flower is a dusty violet with a bright purple, star shaped eye zone over a green throat. It is ruffled and recurved with prominent mid ribs to complete the star effect. Plus she is fragrant!


Daylily Seedling Borders on Merlot

Unregistered seedling by Matel – 2013

Daylily Seedling Borders on Merlot

This is the result of one of my first attempts at hybridizing. The seedling used as the pod parents was from a gift of my second group of seedlings from a friend LG.

The 5 inch flower is rose to lavender with a darker halo and some mottling and streaking that differs from flower to flower. The petals have a very heavy yellow pie crust ruffled edge while the sepals do not. The edge is the same color as the golden throat.

The plant is a 24 inch tall dormant tetraploid.

Parentage:  (Borders on Bordeaux x (Truly Angelic x Shores of Time)


Daylily Mighty Chestnut

By Blaney – 1994

Daylily Mighty Chestnut

The beauty of this color is difficult to capture both on film and with words. I guess the name describes it; chestnut brown with a standout Burgundy eye zone and a glowing golden throat and stamens. The flowers are 5.5 inches, round and ruffled. It is also fragrant and blooms into the night.

The plant is a dormant tetraploid and is a sturdy, well branched 30 inches tall.

Parentage:  (Chicago Apache x Black Eyed Susan)


Daylily Fooled Me

By Reilly-Hein, 1990

This sturdy dormant tetraploid is a fast grower and has beautiful foliage growing to about 2 feet tall. 

The flowers also have heavy substance and are abundant and held above the foliage but not too tall. This is why they are considered “extended bloom” which means the flowers last all night and into the next day. The 5.5 inch blooms are golden yellow with  a red picotee edge and eye zone and a green throat. Perfect form; round with a little pie crust edge, rounds out the package.

This award winning mid season bloomer is a dormant tetraploid.


Daylily Farnsworth Spider


Daylily Farnsworth Spider

This 3 foot tall spider has stems strong enough to hold up the large bunch of buds and 6.5 inch flowers that it produces. The bright yellow spiders have a cranberry blending to purple, star shaped eye zone and just a shadow of the eye zone on the lower petals. 

Dormant Diploid.


Daylily Baby Moon Cafe

By Trimmer – 1998

Daylily cross Baby Moon Cafe x Eenie Allegro

This really cute, cream colored to butter yellow miniature has a thin, well defined wine colored eye and a green throat. Every flower is perfectly round with ruffled, recurved petals. And check her out in the sun or moon light to see beautiful diamond dusting.

The plant is 22 inches tall with lots of 3 inch blooms over a long period. The bud count is 40 on 5 branches. She starts early and is a dormant tetraploid which is unusual for one so small.

Parentage: (Custard Candy × Tet. Siloam Tom Howard)


Daylily Duke of Durham

By Elliott; 1977

This 2.5 foot tall plant produces large 6 inch flowers. 

A late mid-season bloomer, it will keep going when the others have finished. 

The color is unusual; I would call it copper colored with an almost clown-like purple eye zone and moderate ruffling.  

Dormant, diploid.


Daylily Destined To See

By Grace; 1998

Daylily Destined to See

Height 2 feet with a 5 inch bloom; zone 4.

This early, midseason bloomer has an unmistakable pattern and is slightly fragrant.

It is near white with a bluish hue. The large eye zone has a dark purple border that fades to lavender closer to the chartreuse throat. There is a cream colored stripe on the mid rib and a dark purple picotee edge. 

She is an Evergreen tetraploid that does fine in my zone 4 garden.

Daylily Seedling Pink Panther's Sister

Daylily Pink Panther’s Sister


Daylily Seedling Pink Panther’s Sister

This daylily is an unregistered seedling hybridized by a friend, MJT. It is 28 inches tall with 5 inch blooms. Naturally, the color is pink panther pink and there is a cranberry eye zone and matching picotee edge above a chartreuse throat. This lovely is an evergreen tetraploid with good branching. It is pod fertile. The plant is sturdy and holds up it’s heavy bud load well.

Parentage: (Korth 14-7 X Calling All Angels).  Korth 14-7 parents are (Cherry Valentine X Gertrude’s Melody)

Seedling # – 10 40-3



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