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Daylily Crazy Pierre

By Whitacre – 1990

Crazy Pierre is a gold spider with a maroon eyezone above a chartreuse throat.  It is 24 inches(61 cm) tall and has a 7 inch(18 cm) bloom. A mid season bloomer and a dormant diploid, it has a spider ratio of 5:1.

Parentage:  Arachne × Silent Night



Daylily Chick Flick

By Douglas 2011

Hey, you gotta love the name.  If you love bright baby pink then this is the one for you.  Bright pink self with a hot pink eye that almost looks like lips to me.  She has a little green throat, a white mid rib and a nicely ruffled edge.  The shape is perfectly round and the sepals are a lighter shade of pink and there is an added bonus; diamond dusting.  The flowers are almost 5 inches and this dormant, diploid stands 2 feet tall.  The bloom is midseason with rebloom and it blooms well (20 buds on 4 branches).

Parentage: Peggy Jeffcoat × Party Pinafore


Daylily Cherry Candy

By Stamile – 1989

A cream to peach colored daylily with a bright cherry red eyezone and a green throat. The plant is 30 inches tall and has 4.25 inch blooms which appear midseason. A dormant, tetraploid it also has the benefit of fragrance and extended bloom. I love the contrast next to a red miniature daylily.

Parentage:  Raging Tiger x Tet. Siloam Virginia Henson


Daylily Bat Signal

By Reed – 1996

Bat Signal is classified as unusual form/crispate, meaning that the petals are curled, twisted and pinched. It is a peachy cream with a merlot eyezone and a green throat. It is an evergreen, diploid that is 52 inches tall(132 cm) and has a 6 inch(15 cm) flower.


Daylily Seedling Taken for Granted

Unregistered seedling – Grant/Matel 2010

Taken for Granted was given to me to grow out as a seedling. Seedling number:  LGwest#13. It is a 5.5 inch flower atop a 28 inch plant. The sturdy scapes hold bunches of buds right above the foliage. A rose lavender flower is ruffled with a wine colored picotee edge and vibrant eye zone. The chartreuse throat is accented by white in between the eye and the throat and on the mid ribs. Bright white points also show up on the sepals when the flower fully opens. Semi-evergreen tetraploid.

Parentage: Cherry Valentine x Rock Solid


Daylily Kyoto Protocol

By Reinermann 2010

This one is not often seen for sale.  I love the color; I’m going to call it “rusty Red” but it has hints of red, orange and gold.  It has a fuchsia eye zone over a gold throat and lighter colored midribs.  It is a semi-evergreen tetraploid that blooms midseason and is 24 inches tall.  The bloom size is listed as 6.5 inches but I think it is more like 5 inches for me.

Parentage: (Seminole Wind × Elizabeth Salter)



Daylily Seedling Plum Full

Unregistered seedling – Krentz/Matel – 2009

I grew these from seeds I got from a friend.  Seedling number: LKEast#3.  This semi-evergreen tetraploid is about 36 inches tall and sturdy, with a 6 inch bloom.  It is clear purple with a whitish edge, a large plum eye zone and a yellow, turning green, throat.  Sometimes some streaking and veining can be seen.  The petals sometime open wide and sometimes are pinched.  The stamens are really cool the filaments change from gold to plum and then the stigma is gold again.

Parentage:  Tuscan X Jerry Nettles


Daylily Odds and Ends

By Hanson 1999

Odds and Ends is a semi-evergreen tetraploid that is 32 inches tall and holds bouquets of 6 inch blooms starting in the early to mid-season.  The flowers are fragrant and are a lovely lavender with a violet eye above a chartreuse throat.  If I had to pick a tetraploid that is the best grower I’d have to say it is Odds and Ends.

Parentage: (Twilight Swan × Sinbad Sailor)


Daylily Mardi Gras Parade

By Kroll 1992

This little beauty carries masses of lavender to pink blooms that have a wine colored eyezone and a green throat.  There are actually two bands in the eyezone; the outer band is a deep merlot and the inner one is more of a rose’.  The dormant, diploid plant has 3.5 inch flowers on 20 inch scapes and is an early/mid-season bloomer.  These measurements are smaller than what she is listed at but that is the size she is for us, putting her in the “front of the border” category.  She is pretty, with a lightly ruffled edge and recurved petals and sepals, giving her perfect form.

Parentage: (Siloam Bo Peep × Angel Artistry)


Daylily Liberator

By Wild 1981

Liberator is a little different shade of red than most of our red daylilies.  It is rosy, almost rusty red and it has an eyezone that I would describe as lipstick red and a lighter rose mid rib over a green throat.  It is 23 inches tall and is listed as a 7 inch flower but I believe it is more like 6 inches.  The plant is a dormant, diploid that blooms mid-season.



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