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Daylily Springfield Clan

By Trimmer 2001

This is a “Wow Plant”.  It’s got a huge 10 inch bright crimson red flower with a wide golden throat that turns green deep inside.  It’s tall at 40 inches but won’t tip over even with a but count of 25.  He starts blooming in the early to mid-season but then reblooms.  Classified as a cascading unusual form, it is a semi-evergreen, but seems to fine here in northern Wisc

onsin.  Huge and spectacular!

Parentage: Persian Ruby × Point of View


Daylily Royalty Surprise

By Klehm 2006

Royalty Surprise is a dormant tetraploid that blooms in the mid to late season.  It does continue all the way to frost for me.  The plant is 36 inches tall with 6 inch lightly ruffled blooms.  The rich royal red flowers are edged with a wide cream border that sets it apart from the other reds, and it has a green throat.



Daylily Fire Fountain

By Bremer – 2011

Wow, this plant is truly huge,  At 60 inches tall (152 cm) with 8.5 inch blooms (22 cm) it is really impressive. It is brilliant red above a large star shaped yellow throat. Stamens that are also bright red and a light ruffle set it off. A super hardy dormant, tetraploid that blooms mid season also keeps going and going well into fall with a bud count of 23 on 5 nicely branched branches.  Fertile both ways; this means lots of fun for those that have the space for giant seedlings.

Parentage:  (Ravenous × Springfield Clan) × B.J. McMillen



Daylily Wally Nance

By Wild; 1976

Ht. 2.5 feet with large fowers – zone 3.  A midseason bloomer with perfect form; large round petals; it is cherry red with hints of raspberry in the right light and a chartreuse throat.  Wally Nance was a Notre Dame football player.

Dormant; diploid.


Daylily Ruby Stella

Unregistered Imposter

This miniature daylily was sold to me as Ruby Stella years ago at a auction.  A Google search told me that this name is often used for red miniatures when the identity is unknown.  In any case it looks and behaves much like Stella de Oro, except that it is Christmas Red.  It has the same size flowers, same early bloom, same rebloom, but I think it is a little taller.  It looks nice with Cherry Candy as the color is exactly the same as her eye.



Daylily Red Top

By Carpenter 1953

This historic daylily is tall at 36 inches, but stands up well in the wind and is a fast grower.  It sports masses of red 5 inch flowers that are red and have a very bright yellow mid rib and throat.  It is a dormant diploid but is larger than most diploids.

Parentage: (Gay Troubadour × unknown)



Daylily Kyoto Protocol

By Reinermann 2010

This one is not often seen for sale.  I love the color; I’m going to call it “rusty Red” but it has hints of red, orange and gold.  It has a fuchsia eye zone over a gold throat and lighter colored midribs.  It is a semi-evergreen tetraploid that blooms midseason and is 24 inches tall.  The bloom size is listed as 6.5 inches but I think it is more like 5 inches for me.

Parentage: (Seminole Wind × Elizabeth Salter)



Daylily Liberator

By Wild 1981

Liberator is a little different shade of red than most of our red daylilies.  It is rosy, almost rusty red and it has an eyezone that I would describe as lipstick red and a lighter rose mid rib over a green throat.  It is 23 inches tall and is listed as a 7 inch flower but I believe it is more like 6 inches.  The plant is a dormant, diploid that blooms mid-season.



Daylily All American Chief

By Sellers 1994

This is the one, where visitors to the garden stop and say “Wow, what is that?”  The blooms are nine inches with a large bright yellow throat that spreads into a star when fully open.  At 32 inches tall this dormant tetraploid is sturdy and holds abundant blooms without bending.  Early, midseason rebloomer says it all, as he seems to bloom all summer.  It’s no wonder he is a Stout Medal winner and is still winning popularity contests today.


Daylily Siloam Show Girl

By Henry – 1981

Daylily Siloam Show Girl

This daylily is supposed to be 18 inches but is smaller for me, 15 inches with 4.25 inch blooms. Not a true miniature or dwarf but a smaller daylily that is comfortable joining the party at the front of the border.

A dormant diploid, it has fire engine red blooms with a deeper red eye zone over a green throat. Heavy substance means extended bloom and these cuties are round, recurved and ruffled to boot.


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