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Daylily Chick Flick

By Douglas 2011

Hey, you gotta love the name.  If you love bright baby pink then this is the one for you.  Bright pink self with a hot pink eye that almost looks like lips to me.  She has a little green throat, a white mid rib and a nicely ruffled edge.  The shape is perfectly round and the sepals are a lighter shade of pink and there is an added bonus; diamond dusting.  The flowers are almost 5 inches and this dormant, diploid stands 2 feet tall.  The bloom is midseason with rebloom and it blooms well (20 buds on 4 branches).

Parentage: Peggy Jeffcoat × Party Pinafore


Daylily Seedling Soda Creek

By Matel unregistered seedling

Many years ago I got a daylily at a garage sale that had a pod.  It was my first try at growing out a daylily seedling.  The plant is a dormant diploid that is 24 inches with a 4.5 inch flower.  The color is light rose with some cream highlights and there is a wide chartreuse eye.  Blooms midseason.

Parentage:  Chicago Ruby Red x unknown


Daylily Mardi Gras Parade

By Kroll 1992

This little beauty carries masses of lavender to pink blooms that have a wine colored eyezone and a green throat.  There are actually two bands in the eyezone; the outer band is a deep merlot and the inner one is more of a rose’.  The dormant, diploid plant has 3.5 inch flowers on 20 inch scapes and is an early/mid-season bloomer.  These measurements are smaller than what she is listed at but that is the size she is for us, putting her in the “front of the border” category.  She is pretty, with a lightly ruffled edge and recurved petals and sepals, giving her perfect form.

Parentage: (Siloam Bo Peep × Angel Artistry)


Daylily Love You

By Webster 1984

Love you is a very pale pink, near white in color, with lightly ruffled edges and a cream colored mid rib.  What makes it a standout is the intense green throat that spreads into a chartreuse halo.  The plant is a dormant tetraploid.  It blooms mid-season and is very fragrant.  On a side note; there are many daylilies with Love You in the name that are different than this plant.  Love You is a good one for the moon garden.



Daylily Jackie Hayes

By Barnhart 1992

Jackie Hayes is a pretty pink and lavender blend that has prominent light pink mid ribs, a ruffled edge, a lime green throat and fragrance.  She is a semi evergreen, diploid that blooms in the early to mid-season and then reblooms.  The plant is 18 inches tall with a 6 inch flower and also boasts extended bloom.  Jackie Hayes is not often seen on the market.



Daylily Cameroons Twister

By Benz 2000

Cameroons Twister is a large (40 inches tall), showy dormant tetraploid.  The 7.5 inch fragrant flowers start blooming in the mid to late-season and then rebloom almost until frost, and there are plenty of them….40 buds on 5 branches.  The big fuchsia, crispate, unusual form flowers open wide in the base and show off a large baby pink eye zone over a green throat, while the ends of the petals are often pinched and twisted.  Cameroon is a country in Africa so I am curious how this show stopper got its name.

Parentage: (Cameroons × One Step Beyond)


Daylily Antique Nouveau

By Salter 2005

This beauty is purple to mauve with a gold bubbled edge above a green throat.  She is happy at the front of the border, at 24 inches tall with a 5 inch, fragrant flower.  A dormant tetraploid, she starts blooming in August, so will fill your fall garden with beauty from 38 buds on 4 branches.


Daylily Seedling Holly in Pink

Unregistered seedling – Matel

Holly in Pink was one of 3 seeds given to me by a friend. The flower  like it’s pod parent Holly Dancer is a spider and a great bloomer.  It is peachy pink with a darker fuchsia eye band and a large star shaped golden eye.  There are prominent golden mid ribs and large stamens that are the same color as the star.  She is about 36” tall and has 6.5 inch blooms. A dormant diploid with sturdy scapes.

Parentage:  Holly Dancer x Flutterbye




Siberian Iris Pink Haze

This Siberian iris has violet/pink flowers that are larger than the species.

They start blooming in June here in Wisconsin and are held above the attractive grass like foliage, at just under 3 feet.  Mature clumps can be 3 feet across and are loved by butterflies and not attractive to deer and rabbits. 

They will tolerate both overly wet and overly dry soil, but love moist fertile soil and plenty of sun. Siberian Iris have no serious pests.


Daylily Seedling Borders on Merlot

Unregistered seedling by Matel – 2013

Daylily Seedling Borders on Merlot

This is the result of one of my first attempts at hybridizing. The seedling used as the pod parents was from a gift of my second group of seedlings from a friend LG.

The 5 inch flower is rose to lavender with a darker halo and some mottling and streaking that differs from flower to flower. The petals have a very heavy yellow pie crust ruffled edge while the sepals do not. The edge is the same color as the golden throat.

The plant is a 24 inch tall dormant tetraploid.

Parentage:  (Borders on Bordeaux x (Truly Angelic x Shores of Time)


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