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Variety and interest for your shade garden!

Hosta Yellow River

By Eric Smith/Paul Aden/Pete Ruh – 1993

This hosta will form a magnificent clump given time. Reaching 20 inches tall the 13 x 10 inch leaves are topped with 48 inch scapes that have white flowers. The spectacular dark green foliage has a wide yellow margin that develops a more creamy white appearance as the summer heat moves in.  Light shade will keep it looking nice. The leaves are cordate, ribbed and have wavy margins. This Montana sport can reach 4 feet across and, having an upright habit, the long pointed leaves with good substance are stunning.



Hosta Pineapple Punch

By Amy Bergeron – 2005

This is a sport of Pineapple Upsidedown Cake and the form is very similar.  It is about 13 inches tall and matures to a 2 foot clump with very wavy, long, lance shaped leaves.  The leaves are shiny and 10 inches by 3 inches, and are dark green with a yellow to cream edge. The lavender flowers appear in August. Just like Pineapple Upsidedown Cake it is a fast grower.



Hosta Paradise Joyce

By Marco Fransen

Paradise Joyce is a medium sized sport of Halcyon and it is named for Mr. Fransen’s wife. It is blue with a yellow center which becomes more white as the season progresses. The leaves have a “powdery” finish. This hosta holds up well to frost due to it’s heavy substance. Lavender flowers appear in late summer.



Hosta Geisha

By Vaughn 1983

Geisha is also known as Ani Machi which is from Japan.  I think what happened is that it was a sport that was registered but didn’t turn out to be persistent; so it is the same plant.  It is an outstanding selection with yellow to chartreuse centers and dark green margins. This small plant, with glossy leaves, has a distinguished twist to its upright growth habit. The 15 inch flower scapes sport lavender flowers, but they are nicer than the average hosta flowers.  The stamens are long and graceful and they are streaked with white.


Hosta Christmas Tree

By Kevin Vaughn/Mildred Seaver 1982

  Christmas tree is a medium to large sized hosta.  The deep blue green, heart shaped leaves have a creamy white edge and heavy corrugated substance.  The lavender flower scapes are widerat the bottom making them look like a Christmas Tree.

Parentage:  (Beatrice x Beatrice) x Frances Williams


Hosta Torchlight

By Lachman – 1990

Torchlight is a medium large hosta at 14 inches tall and 2 feet wide when mature. It is dark blue green with an irregular white edge that sometimes streak towards the center. The petiole and stems are red. Lavender flowers appear in July.

Parentage:  Lachman 81-8 x Halcyon


Hosta Teaspoon

By Nyikos – 1998

A small hosta at 11 inches tall by 24 inches wide it has green roundish cup shaped leaves that are 2 by 3 inches. The leaves are corrugated with a fine serrated edge. Lavender flowers with a green tip appear in Late June. A good grower, so you can use it as a ground cover in front of larger hostas.

Parentage:  Birchwood Parky’s Gold x Golden Tiar



Hosta Morning Light

By Gert van Eijk-Bos/Dirk van Erven – 2000

This hosta is a sport of Twilight.  It is the reverse form.  It has yellow centers on the leaves with a dark green edge but it becomes more white later in the season. There are three or more colors as the edges streak towards the center. The clump is topped with pale lavender flowers starting in June. The leaves are thicker than the species because it is one of the first tetraploids found in Hostas.  The clumps are 2 to 3 feet wide.



Hosta Marilyn Monroe

By Jim Hawes/Pete and Jean Rue – 2005

This is a medium sized seedling of Urajiro Hachijo which can form a 2 foot clump when mature. The pale green lance shaped leaves are 7 inches long by 6 inches wide and have a uniform and very wavy edge. The leaves have a white back that flashes in a light breeze. The petioles are red and lavender flowers appear in August.


Hosta Limey Lisa

By Zumbar/Walek – 2009

This miniature to small hosta forms 15 inch clumps with heart shaped 2 inch leaves that form a flat mound.  The leaves are chartreuse to green and get darker as the season progresses, and will stay lighter if given a little sun. Purple flowers appear in early July.


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