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Hosta Resonance

By Shaw/Aden 1976

Resonance is a low growing, small hosta with medium green leaves that have a creamy/white wavy edged margin. The orchid flowers appear in August. It forms a nice clump with lanceolate leaves and the leaves turn to the side giving it a pinwheel shape. A mature plant is 13″ tall by 30″ wide.


Hosta Green Sparkler

By Zilis 2010

This small hosta (about 10 inches tall by 2 feet wide when mature) is a sport of Sparkler. It is like one of my favorites, Red October, in that it has red petioles. The difference is that the leaves are bright green, wavy and shiny instead of dark green and glaucous. The flowers are pale purple on 2 foot scapes.


Hosta Zounds

By Aden; 1978

Hosta Zounds

Hosta Zounds

This medium/large brilliant gold hosta simply glows in the dark. The chordate, puckered, heart shaped leaves are cupped and this becomes more pronounced as the plant ages. Better if it gets some sun. The glossy leaves show off pure white flowers on 24” scapes.


Hosta Wide Brim

Paul Aden 1979

Wide Brim has a bright grass green center with a wide irregular cream to yellow margin which holds throughout the season. Round, cordate leaves are 8″ long x 6” wide with 11 veins.

A rapid grower, it is low and wide, with great color and texture. Wide Brim is bound to be a standout in any planting. Because it doesn’t get very tall, it goes well in front of the larger blue hostas.

Forms a wide 3 foot clump but only 1.5 feet tall. The scape is foliated and very thick and has a double twist (twisting one revolution every 3-5 inches) sporting two stalks of flowers higher up on the scape. Pale lavender flowers bloom in July.


Hosta Venusta

Fumio Maekawa 1935/AHS 1993

Venusta is a Korean native and was originally found on Cheju Island. In Japan they call it Otome Giboshi, which means the beautiful maiden.

This miniature is one of the smallest species of hosta and it has been used widely in hybridizing today’s many miniatures.

Venusta multiplies quickly and though it is tiny the foliage is dense and the mound can spread via a creeping root stock. The leaves are very small and a dark satiny green. They are about the size of your thumb nail with 4 veins and are oval to heart shaped with slightly undulate edges.

The ridged slightly red scapes are about 10” tall and bear a profusion of violet flowers. Petioles are also reddish or have red spots.


Hosta Twist of Lime

Bruce Banyai/Bob Solberg 1991

Bright lemon yellow leaves with a wavy deep green margin. The leaves are 1” x 3” and lancolate with 3 veins.

This mini hosta forms a neat small semi upright clump and can spread up to 10” wide by 4” tall.

This cute introduction is a mutation of H. ‘Lemon Lime’ and is great for the rock garden or as an edger!

The clump is topped with a profusion of deep violet flowers in late spring.


Hosta The Razor’s Edge

By Terpening;

Hosta The Razors Edge, Venusta and Touch of Class

Hosta The Razors Edge, Venusta and Touch of Class

This award winning mini hosta is dramatically different with its very narrow and very wavy, lance shaped, green leaves. The red petioles get darker as the summer heats up and the lavender flowers attract hummingbirds. Nice in the rock garden or as an edger.


Hosta Striptease

C & R Thompson 1991

Striptease is an unusual H. ‘Gold Standard’ mutation, a very dark green leaf where the green is actually a very wide margin. The center is a thin strip of gold with a unique strip of white that surrounds the gold center. The white band is sometimes not seen until the plant become mature. The satiny heart shaped leaves are about 5” x 6”.

The vigorous growing 2.5′ wide 2’ tall clump is topped with fragrant violet flowers on 2′ scapes in July.

1997 Nancy Minks Award winner. 2005 Hosta of the Year


Hosta Stiletto

Paul Aden 1987

Stiletto is a seedling of Amy Aden.

This dwarf plant is vigorous and forms a nice tight mound that can reach 10” wide by 6” tall.

The lanceolate undulating leaves, that are about 7” x 1”, give the plant the illusion of motion. It is green with a narrow white margin and the foot tall spikes carry purple striped flowers in August.


Hosta So Sweet

By Vaughn/Aden – 1986

Hosta Fragarent Boquet, So Sweet, Diana Remembered, Wolverine, Thunderbolt

Hosta Fragrant Bouquet, So Sweet, Diana Remembered, Wolverine, Thunderbolt

The flowers are the best part of this splendid plant.  They are white and very fragrant, not to mention being large, and an interesting long white spike forms before they open. They wait until the warmth of summer to bloom so the fragrance can waft. The sun tolerance, rapid growth and glossy light green, lanceolate leaves helped it to become hosta of the year in 1996. The bright white margins ribbon the edges and match the flowers. The medium sized 2 x 1 ½ foot plants really like at least a half day of sun and they will grow faster and bloom better in sun. A seedling of Fragrant Bouquet, she is also one of the last to go dormant in fall due to nice substance.


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