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Daylily Cherry Candy

By Stamile – 1989

A cream to peach colored daylily with a bright cherry red eyezone and a green throat. The plant is 30 inches tall and has 4.25 inch blooms which appear midseason. A dormant, tetraploid it also has the benefit of fragrance and extended bloom. I love the contrast next to a red miniature daylily.

Parentage:  Raging Tiger x Tet. Siloam Virginia Henson


Daylily Baby Moon Cafe

By Trimmer – 1998

Daylily cross Baby Moon Cafe x Eenie Allegro

This really cute, cream colored to butter yellow miniature has a thin, well defined wine colored eye and a green throat. Every flower is perfectly round with ruffled, recurved petals. And check her out in the sun or moon light to see beautiful diamond dusting.

The plant is 22 inches tall with lots of 3 inch blooms over a long period. The bud count is 40 on 5 branches. She starts early and is a dormant tetraploid which is unusual for one so small.

Parentage: (Custard Candy × Tet. Siloam Tom Howard)


Daylily Inwood

By Stamile – 2000

This lovely dormant tetraploid sports 6 ½ inch flowers with a light fragrance on 25 inch scapes. The showy cream colored blooms have a violet plum eye and a picottee edge above a green throat.  When we say cream we want to clarify that this color is really hard to describe. There are actually pink, yellow and tan tones involved and they are blended in. There is also a white mid-rib that cuts through the dark eye. Inwood blooms early to mid-season and then re-blooms. The broad round petals have heavy substance and the picotee is ruffled. Heavy bloom makes this plant a winner.

Parentage:  ((sdlg x Admiral’s Braid) x (Wineberry Candy x Tet. Priscilla’s Rainbow)) x (Cherry Berry x (Cherry Berry x Royal Braid))


Daylily Raspberry Candy

By Stamile 1993

Another beauty in the “Candy” series; this slightly fragrant dormant tetraploid starts early and then reblooms. The 4.5 inch blooms seem to be a different color at different times in the season. A google image search will verify this. Sometimes the blooms are cream/pink and sometimes more pale yellow. These pictures are from the same plant. The eye-zone is always a bright raspberry red hence the name. She is the winner of a L. Ernest Plouf Award.


Daylily Dewberry Candy

By Stamile

Daylily Dewberry Candy (2)1Another of the renowned “Candy” series; Dewberry is a mid-season extended blooming dormant tetraploid. It is a fragrant, cream colored 3″ flower with a dark purple eye and a gold throat. There is a very fine ruffled gold colored edge.



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