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Daylily Lucky’s Gold

Unregistered Variety

This variety originally came from Jung’s Garden Center. It is(of course) gold; even the throat and stamens are gold. It is a medium sized plant (about 24 inches) with about a 6” bloom. I think it is a dormant, tetraploid and it is a good bloomer and a fast grower.



Daylily Little Grapette

By Williamson – 1970

A true miniature and a dwarf; only 12 inches tall (30 cm) with a 2 inch (5 cm) flower. It is grape cool aide purple with a merlot eye zone over a green throat. It is an early blooming semi evergreen, diploid.

Parentage:  Lavender Doll × seedling



Daylily Latin Lover

By Wild – 1975

This lovely dark lily is deep wine red self with a small lime throat. It looks different depending on the light with hints of purple, Burgundy and black. Sometimes it opens wide and other times it pinches and twists. It is a dormant, diploid that is 32 inches with a 5 inch flower which blooms in the early to mid season.



Daylily Judge Roy Bean

By Reinke – 1996

If you love spiders this one should be in your garden; at 39 inches (99 cm) tall, with a bloom size of 9 inches (23 cm) and a spider ratio of 5.20:1, it really has a form much like its parent Kindly Light. It is a mid to late season bloomer, a dormant, diploid and is fragrant!  The difference is the color.  Described as; soft persimmon gold self with creamy ribbing and a large light greenish gold throat.  I had to google Persimmon. It is described as an orangey red, so this description is absolutely correct as the petals almost look like gold underneath the “persimmon” is showing through giving it a streaked effect.

Parentage:  Persimmon × Kindly Light


Daylily Handsome Prince

By Couturier 1993

Handsome Prince is a seven inch spider with a ratio of 4:1.  He is fragrant, and a very light orange to yellow, with a large burgundy eyezone above a chartreuse throat.  The plant is a midseason bloomer, 38 inches tall and a dormant diploid.



Daylily Growing in Grace

By Korth-P.-Korth-L. – 2007

This lovely lily is cream with a blue violet eye that fades gradually to a lighter shade before meeting the chartreuse throat. Registered at 22 inches(56 cm) with a bloom that is 5 inches(13 cm), but for us she is not that big, allowing her to comfortably hang out at the front of the border. A mid season blooming, evergreen, tetraploid with 8 buds on 1 branch. 

Parentage:  Tet. Lavender Blue Baby × Destined to See


Daylily Fujita Scale

Daylily Fujita Scale

By Bremer – 2004

This really unusual daylily is registered as being a black red to brown blend with a dark maroon eye above a green throat, but I think it has purple hints too. It is one that really looks different depending on the light and is difficult to catch on film. It is 26 inches (66 cm) tall and the bloom is 5.25 inches (13 cm). It blooms mid season and is a semi-evergreen, tetraploid with 16 buds on 3 branches. It doesn’t spot like some dark ones will.

Parentage:  Love Call × Paradise Lost



Daylily Fire Fountain

By Bremer – 2011

Wow, this plant is truly huge,  At 60 inches tall (152 cm) with 8.5 inch blooms (22 cm) it is really impressive. It is brilliant red above a large star shaped yellow throat. Stamens that are also bright red and a light ruffle set it off. A super hardy dormant, tetraploid that blooms mid season also keeps going and going well into fall with a bud count of 23 on 5 nicely branched branches.  Fertile both ways; this means lots of fun for those that have the space for giant seedlings.

Parentage:  (Ravenous × Springfield Clan) × B.J. McMillen



Daylily Eggplant Electricity

By Reed – 2003

This spidery purple daylily really pops in the evening. The velvety darker eyezone really sets off the bright star formed by the bright green throat, creamy midrib and cream/rose halo. It is a 32 inch tall, dormant, diploid with a 6 inch flower. 12 buds on 2 branches.


Daylily Delta Force

By Gossard 2004

Delta force is a big tough plant.  It’s 38 inches  tall with an 8.5 inch bloom.  A fairly early bloomer it is a dormant, tetraploid with 22 buds on four branches.  It is classified as unusual form; it is sometimes wide open and sometimes pinched or twisted.  The flowers are a handsome dark rosey purple with a darker plum purple eye above a green throat.

Parentage: Heavenly Island Magic × (Moonlit Masquerade × Boney Maroney)



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