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Iris Ensata Greywoods Catrina

By Darlyn Wilkinson – 2002

This lovely statement plant has slender green grass-like leaves that add instant architecture to any garden. It blooms in mid-summer in-between the tall bearded iris and daylilies. Clean white, signals with yellow markings and a basal greenish cast, rose violet veins radiating from a deeper rose area surrounding the signals. Spectacular; also known as Japanese iris, its flowers have a distinctively flattened appearance. Spreads by rhizome; deer resistant and hardy to 0°F. Requires full sun and regular watering while blooming, prefers less water after flowering. Great at the ponds edge or even in standing spring water but does fine in standard garden soil if watered. Registered at 35 inches but will be shorter if dry and taller if very wet.

Parentage:  Pink Dimity x 93-18 x (Frilled Enchantment x Midsummer Reverie)


Iris Ensata Sky Wings

By Peck – 1971

Siberian Iris Sky Wings

Siberian Iris Sky Wings

Sky Wings has a gorgeous sky blue flower with a yellow throat topping sword like dark green foliage that remains attractive throughout the growing season and also has beautiful rusty fall color. It is 2 ½ – 3 feet tall and is very hardy (down to zone 2) and vigorous. It prefers moist conditions, but will do fine in average garden soil.


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