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Everyone’s favorite shade tree, the Sugar Maple was selected in 1893 as Wisconsin’s state tree and in 1949 legislators made it our official state symbol. The well-known 5 lobed leaf is also the national symbol for Canada.

Weather grown in a grove or as a landscape standout Acer saccharum is easily recognized by its beautiful form and fabulous fall color. Medium green leaves turn from yellow to burnt orange or flaming red for the seasonal show.

These trees do not perform well in the south or where the weather is hot and humid. They also resent having their root zones disturbed frequently or the soil compacted. This tree will require moisture until it is well established but then will tolerate some shade and do fine on nearly any soil, doing best in a fertile well drained soil.

It can grow to 75 feet with a rounded form and a 50 foot spread. These trees are fully hardy to zone 3.

If you have a group of these trees you could try to cook down the sap to make delicious maple syrup.

This price is for 10 3 year old seedlings.  I can send you 2 year trees or older trees however those would require more shipping charges.  Please call or email if you would like to order different sizes or larger quantities (or smaller quantities).

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