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Daylily Dewberry Candy

By Stamile

Daylily Dewberry Candy (2)1Another of the renowned “Candy” series; Dewberry is a mid-season extended blooming dormant tetraploid. It is a fragrant, cream colored 3″ flower with a dark purple eye and a gold throat. There is a very fine ruffled gold colored edge.


Iris Gingersnap

Developed by Schreiner it is a seedling of Brass Accents and Dark Chocolate – 1965

This tall bearded Iris is difficult to show in a photo. The rich ginger brown color with gold accents has a rich sheen that shows up in the right light.

It is taller than 3 feet, but the sturdy stems keep it from tipping even when loaded with tons of blooms. It is an early mid-season bloomer, but the thing that you will really remember is its memorable root beer fragrance. We sometimes call it the root beer Iris.


Hosta So Sweet

By Vaughn/Aden – 1986

Hosta Fragarent Boquet, So Sweet, Diana Remembered, Wolverine, Thunderbolt

Hosta Fragrant Bouquet, So Sweet, Diana Remembered, Wolverine, Thunderbolt

The flowers are the best part of this splendid plant.  They are white and very fragrant, not to mention being large, and an interesting long white spike forms before they open. They wait until the warmth of summer to bloom so the fragrance can waft. The sun tolerance, rapid growth and glossy light green, lanceolate leaves helped it to become hosta of the year in 1996. The bright white margins ribbon the edges and match the flowers. The medium sized 2 x 1 ½ foot plants really like at least a half day of sun and they will grow faster and bloom better in sun. A seedling of Fragrant Bouquet, she is also one of the last to go dormant in fall due to nice substance.


Daylily Super Double Delight Seedling

By Matel 2010

Pod parent is Super Double Delight By McFarland 1978. Pollen parent is unknown.

Daylily Super Double Delight

Daylily Super Double Delight

30″ ht. 4″ flower
Golden yellow double
Fragrant, mid-season bloomer; semi evergreen, diploid

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Daylily Star Of Fantasy

By McRae – 1992

Daylily Star of Fantasy

Daylily Star of Fantasy

Hmmm…how to describe “Star of Fantasy”; it has a large yellow star in the center that is the throat. The star effect continues as bright white mid-ribs extend out into a triangle shaped plum eye-zone. Then the rose/violet spidery petals stretch out, again in a triangle shape. The top petals are much larger than the lower petals, which have some lilac at the ends but are mostly reflections of the yellow cream throat. This dormant diploid is fairly tall at 30” and the 8 ½” fragrant spider flowers seem to hang right at nose height. Petal length to width is 4 1/2.0:1

Parentage: seedling X snickerdoodle.


Daylily So Lovely

By Lenington – 1969

Daylily So Lovely

Daylily So Lovely

This near white is actually the shade of really pale yellow that really stands out in the moon garden, and because they are fairly tall at 30”, with 5 ½” flowers, they look like glowing orbs in the twilight. They are mid-season bloomers extending well into the late season. This semi-evergreen diploid also has fragrance.

Parentage: seedling x white formal.


Daylily Smoky Mountain Autumn

By Guidry – 1986

Daylily Smoky Mountain Autumn with yarrow

Daylily Smoky Mountain Autumn with yarrow

Smokey is a poly-chrome blend of rose, pink and apricot bursting from the throat.  It is ruffled and perfectly formed with more rose on the ruffled edge and seen as streaks on the petals. It is a dormant, diploid and at 18 inches, it can be placed near the front of the border. Though it is not very tall I would not call it a mini because the flower is nearly 6 inches. Another benefit is that it is an early re-bloomer so it will help fill in the lull after the irises stop blooming, and then continue into the main daylily season.  It is a winner of the Lenington All American Award given to daylilies that perform well in any climate, and the good news just doesn’t stop. Smokey also won the Plouf Fragrance Award.


Daylily Newberry Frilly Lady

By Rushing – 1987

Oh, and what a lovely lady she is…at 20 inches tall she has 6 inch perfectly formed yellow blooms.  The flowers are fragrant and ruffled (of course). The banana yellow color extends all the way down to the base of the throat.  Even the stamens are this bright banana yellow color.  Being a dormant, tetraploid makes it vigorous in our northern gardens.  It has big strapping leaves and thick sturdy scapes that have a huge bud count. There are often multiple flowers blooming at the same time. She starts blooming early mid-season but is also one of the latest bloomers in my garden. These flowers open without difficulty even in cold weather.


Daylily Firestorm

By Krekler – 1979

Daylily Firestorm

Daylily Firestorm

This really spidery, unusual form variety is huge at 8” and fairly tall at 31”.
A fabulous orange influenced brick red that has an attention grabbing bright yellow eye that spreads in to the halo zone so that the entire center (about 4” is that color).  The Petals sometimes spread out wide as in this picture curling back a bit but other blooms are twisted and pinched in interesting ways. An early mid-season re-bloomer this dormant diploid can also have a crispate edge.


Daylily Circus Wheel

By Griesbach-Caldwell, 1973

Daylily Ferris Wheel

Daylily Circus Wheel

An oldie, but a goodie; Circus Wheel will really pop in the back of your border. The scapes are tall at 34” and the 6” flowers are bright red with a large gold throat and a darker halo.  This dormant diploid blooms mid-season but extends into the later season as well.


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