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Hosta Great Expectations

John Bond/Paul Aden 1988

A very distinctive hosta; you won’t get this one mixed up with the others. Another sport of sieboldiana ‘Elegans’, it originated in England.

The chartreuse center turns creamy white as the season progresses and the blue green margin streaks toward the center displaying several different shades of green. The leaves are very heavy and puckered which makes it somewhat slug resistant. The color will be better if given a little morning sun.

This eye catcher has 5”x 6” leaves and the clumps are nearly 3 feet across. The white flowers are quite large and are born on 3 foot tall, sturdy scapes in July.

Awards include: Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Hosta 1992, AHS President’s Trophy 1994; Benedict Award 1994, and AlaHoSo Award 1997.


Hosta Golden Tiara

By Bob Savory – 1977

Golden Tiara is a fast growing small hosta with heart shaped olive green leaves, that are bordered with a band of yellow. A mature plant can mound to about 20 inches wide by 14 inches tall. The lavender flowers appear in mass in early June and continue for a long bloom period. Because of its vigor and tidy mounded form it makes a nice edger or mass planted ground cover. This plant won the Alex Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 1994 and the Nancy Minks Award for outstanding small-leaved cultivar. The plant does best in light shade to part sun.


Hosta Gold Drop

By Anderson – 1977

Hosta Gold Drop

Hosta Gold Drop

‘Gold Drop’ is a miniature, clump-forming hosta; a seedling of (H. venusta x H. ‘August Moon’). It forms a 6” mound that can spread to about 15” wide when it is mature. Smooth heart shaped leaves are about 2 by 3 inches, and are chartreuse to light yellow depending on how early in the season it is and how much sun the plant gets. 12” flower scapes bear lavender flowers in August. This is a nice edger that will tolerate more sun than most.


Hosta Fire Island

By Bill Brincka – 1998

‘Fire Island’ is a stand out with its iridescent yellow to lime green leaves, that are shiny on top and dull on the underside. The wavy leaves are pointy and lance shaped and about 7 x 4 inches. The fountain shaped plant remains small to medium in size. What really sets this hosta apart is the very red petioles, which hold their color for the entire season. The tube shaped flowers are lavender, and the fertile plant will produces green pods. Its parentage is longipes hypoglauca x ‘Crested Surf’


Hosta August Moon

By Langfelder, Summers and Ruh.

This classic goldish yellow plant practically glows in the dark. Immature leaves can be a little greener. They are corrugated with a nice heavy texture and because of this are slug resistant. The plant is large enough to work as a contrast plant for the big blues.

The flowers are lavender to near white and appear rather late.

The plant can take some morning sun and the plants are fertile.

This hosta has more registered sports than any other.


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