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Strawberry Lipstick

This ornamental strawberry is great in a rock garden; with healthy dark green foliage and large bright hot pink flowers. It flowers from April until frost and bears edible fruit.

The plant spreads, like most strawberries, on runners, and forms a ground cover that is great with almost any perennial. The plants can be redirected to grow where you want them to. It’s best to get new plants rooted before cutting the runner to the mother plant.

Lipstick Strawberry was created in 1966 by crossing Fragaria x ananassa with marsh cinquefoil (potentilla plaustris).

The plant prefers full sun to part shade and will grow in any soil that is not too wet. Be sure not to cover the crown with soil when planting. This plant is great in window boxes and containers too.

You get 10 plants for this price.


Sedum Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood Sedum is a rapidly growing, zero maintenance ground cover. It forms a dense mat about 5” tall, of fleshy foliage that is green purple in summer and develop a brighter red purple color in cooler weather. The color is also brighter in full sun though the plant will grow in light shade. Foliage holds its beauty far into fall and early winter here in Wisconsin.

The flowers are a brilliant hot pink in summer. The only thing I do to this plant is to remove the dried flower stems when they are done, but this is not necessary for the health of the plant.

These plants will stand up to whatever nature can dish out from heat and drought to extreme cold and humidity. They don’t bat an eye about poor soil, but will be bigger and even more fleshy if better fertility is provided. They also do fine in containers and will spill over the edge. This is one of the only perennials that will survive the winter in a container here in Wisconsin.

The plant is in the middle left of this picture.


SedumReflexum Blue Spruce

This little sedum forms a dense mat of blue foliage that looks like mini Christmas trees. A ground cover for any sunny spot it looks great from early spring to late fall, but it June it develops 8” stems that are topped with bright yellow flowers. Really easy maintenance is its middle name. All you have to do is remove the flower stems after bloom. It will flourish in almost any soil and is great for containers, walls and paths as well.


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