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Daylily Seedling Enchanted Angel

Unregistered Seedling – By Grant/Matel 2011

This 9 inch unusual form is mauve to purple with a lavender water mark, a large green throat and a fine cream colored picotee. A dormant tetraploid she is 36 inches tall but sturdy enough to stand up.  The petals can be twisted, curled, flaired straight out or extreamly recurved.  Seedling #: LG2011#4.

Parentage – Enchanted April x Truly Angelic


Daylily Seedling Calico Winkie

Unregistered seedling by Krentz-Matel – 2009

These seeds were given to me by a friend to grow out.  Seedling #: LKeast#8.  This seedling is similar in size and shape to its pod parent Peggy Jeffcoat. At only 18 inches tall the 5 inch flowers sit just above the foliage. Although usually single occasionally it will display as a “loose double” with different flowers exhibiting slightly different forms, sometimes just a “tuft” in the center. The mauve flowers are lightly ruffled and have prominent white mid ribs and there is a wine eye zone and a yellow throat.  The sepals are streaked and mottled with yellow.  The petals can show some streaking as well   A midseason blooming dormant diploid.

Parentage:  Peggy Jeffcoat – light pink/yellow double x (Mardi gras Parade – lavender with a wine eye-zone x seedling)


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