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Iris Dwarf Atroviolacea

This MDB (Miniature Dwarf Bearded) Iris is only 3-4 inches high. The falls and standards are both violet purple with white to light lavender beards.

They are soooooo cute and are one of the very first irises to bloom. They will soon be found in little patches all around your yard because they multiply quickly.


Iris Bumblebee Deelite

By Norrick – 1986

Iris Bumble Bee Delight

Iris Bumblebee Deelite

Miniature tall bearded iris (MTB); these are about 18 inches tall with 3 inch flowers.  Culture is just as for tall bearded iris.  This selection produces light yellow standards that are veined with purple at the base and dusky-purple falls that have a narrow yellow margin; elegant.


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