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Daylily Golden Diamond

By Baker-S.H. – 1962

Daylily Golden Diamond

This 36 inch tall mid season bloomer is old and orange but it is a power house of bloom, and a fast grower. It is a sturdy plant with extended bloom; a vigorous dormant diploid.

The 5 inch flower is golden orange with a reddish pattern in the throat. The petals are also interesting in that they are thin, but just a little wide to be a spider and pointy with a little pie crust edge.

Parentage: (High Noon x (Revelation x Samarkand))



Daylily Jean

By McDade-Schreiner – 1943

daylily-jean1I love this historic daylily.  It has coloration is similar to the classic “Frans Halls” with red/orange petals alternating with gold petals. It was actually bred more than 10 years before it’s more widely known look alike. There is a creamy gold mid-rib on the red petals of this dormant diploid. This is where the similarities end however. This plant is prized for its height at 38 inches tall, and because it is very late.  The petals are also longer, enough that it can be categorized as an unusual form. The plant won the AHS award of merit in 1951.


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