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Iris Ensata Sky Wings

By Peck – 1971

Siberian Iris Sky Wings

Siberian Iris Sky Wings

Sky Wings has a gorgeous sky blue flower with a yellow throat topping sword like dark green foliage that remains attractive throughout the growing season and also has beautiful rusty fall color. It is 2 ½ – 3 feet tall and is very hardy (down to zone 2) and vigorous. It prefers moist conditions, but will do fine in average garden soil.


Iris Versicolor – Blue Flag

Iris versicolor with Hosta Elvis Lives and Golden Prayers

Iris versicolor with Hosta Elvis Lives and Golden Prayers

A very robust, native water iris which will also grow in the garden if given enough water. The sword-like leaves are topped by large, violet-blue flowers accented by whitish markings at the base of the sepals. Petals and sepals spread out flat making it an attractive place for feeding by hummingbirds. It can grow to 3 feet in the water but will be shorter in a garden situation.  They are hardy to zone two and can tolerate freezing in the ice with no problem. They like about six inches of water, but can tolerate deeper water for a short time.



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