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Baptisia Tinctoria

baptesia-solar-flare1This native prairie plant is smaller than the better known blue indigo.  This is good for a landscape setting as the height is still over 2 feet with a 2 to 3 foot spread.  This plant is a member of the pea family with yellow pea like flowers.  The plant produces beneficial bacteria from its roots called rhizobia.  Baptisia blooms from late July through August and is hardy from zone 3 to 9.  The blue green foliage and black seed pods are also interesting.  This plant has been used as a dye plant and is attractive to butterflies.


Daylily Jean

By McDade-Schreiner – 1943

daylily-jean1I love this historic daylily.  It has coloration is similar to the classic “Frans Halls” with red/orange petals alternating with gold petals. It was actually bred more than 10 years before it’s more widely known look alike. There is a creamy gold mid-rib on the red petals of this dormant diploid. This is where the similarities end however. This plant is prized for its height at 38 inches tall, and because it is very late.  The petals are also longer, enough that it can be categorized as an unusual form. The plant won the AHS award of merit in 1951.


Daylily Frans Halls

By Flory – 1955

This historic daylily was named for the old Dutch painter Frans Halls whose famous work “The Laughing Cavalier” surely inspired the name. The bi-colored flowers of bright rusty orange/red alternating with solid gold surely brings a happy chuckle to the garden. This classic mid to late season bloomer holds 4 ½ flowers atop 24 inch well branched scapes. A dormant diploid, it is also a heavy bloomer, a good grower, and sports a creamy yellow midrib on the red petals.

Parentage: (Baggette × Cornell)



Daylily Double River Wye

By Kropf  – 1992

daylily-double-river-wye-21This is a light yellow double with a green throat that is 4 ½ inches. It is a dormant diploid which blooms mid-season and then re-blooms. I love this daylily for its loose form; it’s not tightly arranged like most double daylilies.  It looks almost like a yellow peony.


Daylily Condilla

By Grooms – 1977

daylily-condilla1This 4 1/2″ double bloom is a glowing gold color that really pops especially in part shade.  The 20″ tall plants are early-mid season re-bloomers. The petals have little ruffled edges and she has beautiful form, opening perfectly every time.  A dormant, diploid, she is a winner of the Award of Merit, the Lenington All American Award and the Ida Munson Award for Best Double.

Parentage: (Whirling Skirt × Chum)


Daylily Bitsy

By Warner, 1963

daylily-bitsy1This miniature daylily sports 2″ blooms on a plant that only stands 12-18″ tall. A 2002 All American Daylily Selection, this extra-early bloomer will re-bloom heavily.  She is a semi-evergreen, diploid with masses of petite blooms that are light yellow with a green throat, above grassy foliage. This daylily is also nocturnal so it is perfect for the moon garden. Another interesting trait is that the flower scapes are dark in color so that in the dark, the flowers seem to float.

Parentage:  Pinocchio x Sooner Gold


Daylily Puddin

By Kennedy – 1972

Daylily Puddin1Here is a little miniature night blooming daylily that will be perfect for the front of your moon garden. At only 20” tall this dormant, diploid has 2 ½” blooms that are round with full petals and just the right shade of pale yellow that they seem to glow in the moonlight.


Daylily Spin Dazzle

By Wilson 1983

Daylily Spindazzle (2)1A spider daylily that looks a little different each time it opens, because of the way it twists and curls. This semi-evergreen diploid holds 6 inch flowers on top of tall 3 foot scapes. The flower has a spider ratio of 4.4:1 and the color is difficult to explain starting from the center there is a wide yellow throat and the smaller petals are this same color. The large upper petals are slightly wider and gradually fade from apricot to orange to dark red.

Parentage:  (Sdlg. X FERRIS WHEEL)


Daylily Itsy Bitsy Spider

By Bishop – 1990

Daylily Itsy Bitsy Spider and Red Ribbons

This cute lemon yellow with green throat daylily, has little 3 1/2 inch unusual form blossoms. Meaning, it blooms with narrow petals that are pinched and twisted. A dormant diploid; It blooms early and will rebloom for most of the summer. The foliage mound is low at about a foot but the scapes, at 3 feet, hold the blooms well above the foliage. They are light weight but there are lots of them and they seem to bounce around in the breeze.

Parentage: Mignon × Suzie Wong


Daylily Stella De Oro

Daylily Stella de Oro

Daylily Stella de Oro

ht. 12″ – zone 3
Early mid-season, re-blooming, extended season, slightly fragrant.
She is a classic and still a great performer.
Bright yellow
dormant, diploid

We also have a clump price for this one.



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