Ordering Information – 

All winter plant orders will be dug and shipped, bare root, in spring, except for the Iris which are normally shipped after they bloom. Some plants can be shipped up until September. Sometimes we can make an exception and mail the iris with the rest of your order. If you are ordering after July, please check to see if you can still order that plant late in the season. For example, we don’t dig up larger hosta late in the season, but we may have some potted up. We don’t dig up most daylilies during the bloom season (July and August for most varieties) but this is the best time to visit to see what you like. We wait until the ones that you choose are done blooming and then deliver them to you (or you can pick them up to see the later varieties).

All of our plants are shipped bare root. We wrap the roots in damp material and then a plastic bag. We cannot ship plants outside the United States at this time, or to California, Oregon, Washington, Florida and Arizona due to licensing issues. Most plants, especially any that are large, or any that are shipped later in the season may be cut back. This not only makes them easier to ship but it is better for the plant. Plants shipped early in spring that are just emerging are not cut back.

If you would like to request a more specific shipping date please contact us and we will work with you. Non-plant products can be shipped any time, but if you are ordering both and would like them shipped together let us know so that you will not be charged for 2 packages.

You will get an email confirmation when your order is received, when payment is received, and when it is shipped.

How to find what you’re looking for –

You can search via product categories in the sidebar on the right, use the search box (also on the right at the top) or go to our “Catalog” and search from there. On your phone the menu and search feature are at the top.

We never sell or give your e-mail or other contact information to any third parties for any reason other than to process your orders. We send an occasional e-mail newsletter updating you on new developments at Catrina’s Garden. These will not be frequent and you can opt out at any time. If you are not yet a customer you can sign up in the sidebar for our Mailchimp e-newsletter, follow our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook. These will be at the bottom if you are on your phone or open the menu.

Also handy; if you scroll all the way to the bottom of each page you will find an area where you can search by “tag”. This will include search by color or plant size, as well as type or special features that the plant may have.

You have 3 choices for payment:

  • Automatic Pay Pal shopping cart –

    Simply choose your items and use the shopping cart. You will be taken to the secure Pay Pal website to pay either with a credit card or with your PayPal account and then returned to our website when you are done. Your shipping and tax will be added when you reach the PayPal site.  See the shipping section below. If this option is not working it is possible that you live in one of the states that we are not allowed to ship to…sorry; California, Oregon, Washington, Florida and Arizona. If you are having problems ordering with the shopping cart please email us with your order.

  • Invoiced Payment (a.k.a. Manual) –

    Please choose the “Manual” option when you reach the “check out” page. You will get a PayPal invoice within two business days via e-mail. Here I will check to see that the shipping is correct, considering what you bought from all stores and what can be combined to give you the lowest possible shipping. There will be a one click button in the invoice that will take you directly to the Pay Pal site to pay securely (you do not need a Pay Pal account just a credit card). Or, print the invoice and mail it with your payment. If you are mailing the invoice please hit reply to the e-mail to let us know so we can watch for it.

    This method has a few advantages.

    • Use it if you are a local customer and plan to pick up your order. The shopping cart will charge you shipping.
    • Use it if you have a large order. 1-7 plants in a medium sized box 8-15 in a large. I can be more generous with what I send if I have a larger box to work with.
    • Use it if the plants that you want say “sold out”. I estimate the inventory in fall but I can check the plant in spring for you to see if there is enough.
    • Use it if you are ordering very small plants like miniature iris or miniature hosta. I may be able to put them in a small flat rate box to save on shipping.
  • Use my order form –

    Do you hate shopping carts and Pay Pal? If so then just print my order form, found in the sidebar to the right (or click here), and mail it to me. It is a PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print it. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at this link. If you are unable to open or print this form just send us an email or give us a call, we would be happy to take your order by email or phone. I will confirm your order when I get it. We accept checks or money orders.


We ship most items via the USPS priority mail. All plants are shipped bare root in priority mail boxes. Some items especially non plant items can be shipped via first class mail. Please ask if you would like to use this option which is often cheaper.

  • PRIORITY – The prices listed in the “Priority” shipping choice are a medium flat rate box for $18.40, or large flat rate box for $24.75. We can fit about 7 plants in a medium box and about 15 plants in a large box.  The cart will automatically choose the correct size box for you based on the weight of the plants that we have entered. Occasionally things like miniature hosta or miniature iris can be sent in a small flat rate box for $10.40. Please inquire about this if you are ordering very small plants as the automatic shopping cart will charge you for a medium box.
  • PICK-UP – If you wish to pick-up your plants you can do that and there will not be a shipping charge added.  We will contact you to set up a pick-up date.  If you want to use this option please send us an email to use the MANUAL (invoiced payment) check out. You can then choose to either get an invoice and pay through Pay Pal with a credit card or using your Pay Pal account, or you can mail us a check. Please drop us an email if you plan to do that so that we can watch for it. Or, if you live in the Wausau or Marathon area we will deliver.


We are required to charge 5.5% sales tax for our customers that live in Wisconsin. If you use Pay Pal this will be automatically added when you reach the Pay Pal site. If you are printing and sending our Order Form, please remember, that we will add sales tax of 5.0% for all orders and 5.5% if you live in Wisconsin. You will find the amount on the invoice that we send you or just add it to your paper form.

Gift Cards

Are you giving our plants as a gift? We offer photo gift cards. Click here for more information.