Catrina’s Garden Gift Cards

frame-cardsIf you are purchasing your plants as a gift we can send out a gift card since the plants won’t arrive until spring. This is a photo insert card and we include quality photos and descriptions of the plants that you purchased. The card could also be used as a mat to insert in a small frame if you wish. The card includes space for a special message from you. We can print the message in the card for you or leave the card blank for a hand written message. You can use one card for multiple plants. If you do this one photo will be on the cover and the rest will be inside. If by chance you are getting gifts for more than one person just specify which plants go with which card and purchase multiple cards.  If you would like to include a message just email us what you would like to say. The card (as well as the plants in spring) can be mailed to you, or directly to the person that will receive the gift. There will be a place for special instructions to us when you place your order or drop us an email at:

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Instructions and/or Card Message: