I would not be without this fabulous herb. It’s a must for anyone who loves of garlic. They are great in salads, stir fries, eggs, with vegetables and especially in Asian inspired soups. Sometimes the plant is called Chinese chives or leeks.  The leaves are best when harvested young. They are flat rather than round like regular chives. The white flowers are also edible and add a subtle garlic flavor to salads. They bloom later in summer than a standard chive. The seeds can be used for sprouting, another delicious salad additive that you can save for winter, when the flowers are no longer available.  They to self-sow readily so be sure to cut the seed heads before the seeds fall if you start to get too many.  I keep this beauty in my white garden. They flower all the way until frost, when not much else is blooming.  The bees and butterflies love them too. They draw the pollinators to the garden like a magnet. I’d have them for this reason alone.  These plants are super low maintenance. The only thing I do to them is remove the dead foliage in spring and cut off the seed heads to prevent over production.