By Wild – 1969 or DeGroot – 2002

This beauty is a dormant diploid that sports 6 ½ inch blooms atop 30 inch scapes.  The coral pink blooms are softly blended with cream.  There is some confusion with this plant because there is also a Platinum Palette Freedom Ring.  If you look at the photos given by the American Hemerocallis Society they look similar, but many of the photos for both cultivars are pictured by other growers as a much more coral flower without the cream colored lower petals.  The difference should be that Platinum Palette has a slightly larger flower and is also fragrant. The actual plant that I am selling is as pictured, and though it was sold to me as “Freedom Ring”.  I believe it is probably “Platinum Palette Freedom Ring”.  I will check for fragrance with the next bloom and amend this description if necessary. Confusion aside, this is a gorgeous bloom that performs well here in the far north.