Hylander/AHS 1987

Hosta Fortuni Aureomarginata aka Ellerbroek

Hosta Fortuni Aureomarginata aka Ellerbroek

This sport of fortune Hyacinthina was originally from Germany but is now one of the most popular hostas anywhere. This is because of its rapid growth and lack of problems.

It has dark green leaves with a crisp gold edge and will take some sun and hold its color even in very hot weather. The leaves are 10” x 8” and oval, coming to a point at the end. The have a matte finish and recessed veins.

The flowers are lavender on 2 foot scapes in late July and August.

The plant that can be 2.5 feet across and 1.5 feet high and it has a classic mounded form.

Ellerbroek sometimes goes by other names like Aureomarginata, Gold Crown and Yellow Edge.