By L. Zurbrigg, R. – 1973.

Iris I Do

Iris I Do

My notes from when I first got this plant say that this is a seedling of Immortality. Another source listed it as Grand Baroque x Amy and by Avonbank 1974.

In any case it is a tall bearded iris. It is 30”-32” tall for us and blooms early to mid-season. It is re-blooming to some extent and more vigorous than its parent. The color of both standards and falls is near white with slight cast of violet and/or greenish yellow, depending on the light. Really, it’s pretty white. The white beard is tipped in pale yellow and the flower is fuller and more ruffled.

I first got this plant, years ago, as a wedding present for a friend. It did so well that in a few years she gave me some back. Both of us have given it many times since for wedding showers and bridesmaid’s gifts.