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Hosta Guacamole

Bob Solberg 1994

Hosta Guacamole

Hosta Guacamole

This hosta really is the exact color of guacamole. The leaves are rounded, and they are very shiny, with a chartreuse center and wide darker green margin, that is close enough in color that they blend with the center.

With its upright open mounding habit, this beauty does a little better if it gets some sun in the morning, this will make the colors really intensify. Very distinctive; it is one of the last to go dormant.

This reverse variegated sport of H. ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ was found in tissue culture. It has the same wonderful giant sized near-white or very light lavender, fragrant flowers in late summer.

The vigorously growing clump grows to 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall.



Hosta Great Expectations

John Bond/Paul Aden 1988

A very distinctive hosta; you won’t get this one mixed up with the others. Another sport of sieboldiana ‘Elegans’, it originated in England.

The chartreuse center turns creamy white as the season progresses and the blue green margin streaks toward the center displaying several different shades of green. The leaves are very heavy and puckered which makes it somewhat slug resistant. The color will be better if given a little morning sun.

This eye catcher has 5”x 6” leaves and the clumps are nearly 3 feet across. The white flowers are quite large and are born on 3 foot tall, sturdy scapes in July.

Awards include: Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Hosta 1992, AHS President’s Trophy 1994; Benedict Award 1994, and AlaHoSo Award 1997.


Hosta Francee

Minnie Kloppi/AHS 1986

I originally got this one because someone I know is named Frank, but I really like it for its crisp white border. It is one of the best sports of Fortunei Hyacinthina with white margins, and it won the AHS Eunice Fisher Award in 1976.

The 10 pairs of veins are raised on the dark forest green, heart shaped, leaves with white margins.

A mounded 3 foot wide form sets off lavender flowers on sturdy 2 foot scapes in July.

Francee looks good no matter what the weather and will hold up even if given a fair amount of sun. My favorite old stand-by.


Hosta Ellerbroek

Hylander/AHS 1987

Hosta Fortuni Aureomarginata aka Ellerbroek

Hosta Fortuni Aureomarginata aka Ellerbroek

This sport of fortune Hyacinthina was originally from Germany but is now one of the most popular hostas anywhere. This is because of its rapid growth and lack of problems.

It has dark green leaves with a crisp gold edge and will take some sun and hold its color even in very hot weather. The leaves are 10” x 8” and oval, coming to a point at the end. The have a matte finish and recessed veins.

The flowers are lavender on 2 foot scapes in late July and August.

The plant that can be 2.5 feet across and 1.5 feet high and it has a classic mounded form.

Ellerbroek sometimes goes by other names like Aureomarginata, Gold Crown and Yellow Edge.



Hosta Hyacinthina

By Siebold (discovered), Hylander (named as a species in 1954), Schmid (registered as a cultivar in 1987)

Hosta Fortunei Hyacinthina

Hosta Fortunei Hyacinthina

‘Fortunei Hyacinthina’; sometimes just called ‘Hyacinthina’, is a hosta that has produced more sports than any other. It has been around awhile, so is also one of the most used hostas of all time in its own right. Fortuni was changed from a species to a cultivar when it was discovered that many of the plants that were in the fortune species were unrelated. It is very dark green to a little blue, slightly glaucous, and silver grey underneath. It is fertile and holds lavender flowers on 30” scapes. This hosta quickly forms a mound that gets 1 1/2’ tall and 2-3 feet wide. The leaves are about 9 by 7”.


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