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Daylily Seedling Plum Full

Unregistered seedling – Krentz/Matel – 2009

I grew these from seeds I got from a friend.  Seedling number: LKEast#3.  This semi-evergreen tetraploid is about 36 inches tall and sturdy, with a 6 inch bloom.  It is clear purple with a whitish edge, a large plum eye zone and a yellow, turning green, throat.  Sometimes some streaking and veining can be seen.  The petals sometime open wide and sometimes are pinched.  The stamens are really cool the filaments change from gold to plum and then the stigma is gold again.

Parentage:  Tuscan X Jerry Nettles


Daylily Odds and Ends

By Hanson 1999

Odds and Ends is a semi-evergreen tetraploid that is 32 inches tall and holds bouquets of 6 inch blooms starting in the early to mid-season.  The flowers are fragrant and are a lovely lavender with a violet eye above a chartreuse throat.  If I had to pick a tetraploid that is the best grower I’d have to say it is Odds and Ends.

Parentage: (Twilight Swan × Sinbad Sailor)


Daylily Grape Magic

Daylily Grape Magic

By Ater – 1976

The name really describes it in this case.  This is a small grape colored daylily with a darker purple eye and a yellow throat.  It is 20 inches tall with a 4 inch flower.  It is a midseason to late bloomer that exhibits extended bloom and will rebloom. Classified as a dormant diploid.

Parentage:  Toy Time x Little Wart



Daylily Seedling Gentleman’s Friend

By Matel 2013

This is an unregistered seedling of Decatur Gentleman.  The pollen parent is not known.  It is a 22 inch tall plant with a 5.5 inch flower, that is dark purple.  There is a light purple halo in the eyezone above a gold throat.  This is a mid-season blooming dormant, tetraploid.



Daylily Seedling Blueberry Strudel

By Krentz-Matel 2000

This is an unregistered seedling.  The plant is interesting as it doubles about half of the time.  The flowers are 5 inches and a rosey lavender with a mauve eye and yellow throat.  Sometimes the double flower is a full pom pom like it’s parent Big Kiss, sometime a loose fringe and sometimes just a tuft.  It’s pretty, with a lightly ruffled edge when not a double as well.  When single you really notice the cream mid rib but if you look closely you see it in other forms as well.  You will think you have different plants.  A dormant diploid, this plant is happy at the front of the border, with a height of 20 inches.

Parentage:  Big Kiss x Lowcountry Lady


Daylily Antique Nouveau

By Salter 2005

This beauty is purple to mauve with a gold bubbled edge above a green throat.  She is happy at the front of the border, at 24 inches tall with a 5 inch, fragrant flower.  A dormant tetraploid, she starts blooming in August, so will fill your fall garden with beauty from 38 buds on 4 branches.


Iris Cristata – Dwarf Crested

This darling little iris is a native plant hardy in zone 3 to 9. Iris Cristata is commonly called Dwarf Crested Iris.

Iris Cristata

They are pale blue with gold crested falls and bloom in May here in Wisconsin. They are actually found more commonly further east and south but grow fine in other parts of the country.

They do fine in sun or dappled shade and are tolerant of both wet and dry soil. They will naturalize via shallow rhizomes, kind of like a strawberry. Not bothered by deer and rabbits.

The size of these iris can vary. Some hybrid varieties can be up to 8 inches tall or more. The type that we have here are quite small, about 4 inches, with one inch, blue violet flowers.


Daylily Chicago Cattleya

By Marsh – Klehm – 1980

Daylily Chicago Cattleya

A dormant tetraploid, this purple blend is lavender with a deep purple halo, and blooms midseason. It is really a fusion of purple as multiple shades come into play.  It is 24 inches tall with a 5.75 inch bloom.


Iris Intermediate Loreley

By Goos and Koenemann -1906

This historic iris was registered as a TB but is now considered IB. It is really hardy and thrives on neglect. The name comes from the siren of the Rhine who with her song enchanted sailors and lured them to their death.

The standards are a glowing yellow while the falls are a velvety violet with distinct white and yellow veining and butter yellow edges. The beard is lemon yellow.

This plant is a vigorous grower with healthy foliage tinged at the base. Also a heavy bloomer. Cheerful!!


Daylily Trahlyta

By Childs F. – 1982

Daylily Trahlyta and Anne Welch

A beauty at 30 inches tall which is a dormant diploid and an early midseason Rebloomer.  He is a plant that you know is different enough, that you will not mistake him for another.

The 6.5 inch flower is a dusty violet with a bright purple, star shaped eye zone over a green throat. It is ruffled and recurved with prominent mid ribs to complete the star effect. Plus she is fragrant!


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